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I’m Luis Di Eugenio, the founder of MS Holistic Wellness

As the founder of this blog and supplement store, I wanted to create a space where people could learn about and embrace a holistic approach to health. Through my own journey towards optimal wellness, I’ve discovered the transformative power of natural remedies, alternative therapies, and a balanced lifestyle. I hope to share this knowledge with others and inspire them to take charge of their own health and well-being.

¿Why I want to help?

When I was 29, I felt fairly successful. My efforts paid out, and I managed to start my own business. I was doing great, but the business kept demanding more work, time, and focus. That led my life to fill with stress.

Combined with a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, it made me gain a lot of weight. It got so bad that my physical and mental health took a huge toll. Being overweight and overworked, my marriage followed suit.

Before I could notice, I was deeply depressed. It strengthened the vicious cycle between working and eating poorly. I didn’t take any time to rest, prepare proper meals, work out, relax, and tending my family.

My body and relationship totally collapsed.

Losing my marriage made everything worse. My depression and diet got so bad that they became unsustainable.

One day, I woke up from a nightmare. I just needed a glass of water and go back to bed. But, just as I reached my fridge, everything went dark. I woke up laying on the floor a few seconds later. I blamed it on still being sleepy.

Thankfully, I still decided to go to the doctor. It might’ve just saved my life then.

After a few weeks and some medical tests, the doctor discovered that I had too much fat around my heart and my arteries were likely in the same place, my blood flow decreased severely and my cardiovascular system were in significant risk; so I had to make a life-saving decision.

I quickly noticed that my lifestyle had to change.

Naturally, I looked for professional health. My main focus—other than my heart—was nutrition. I lost some weight, and that led me to take the next step: working out.

It quickly turned into a health spiral that transformed my life. My excitement kept increasing as I noticed my results. Adding psychological aid, my self-esteem saw gigantic improvements.

It wasn’t easy, and it definitely wasn’t quick. However, my life turned upside down. My health was better than ever. I went from weighing 122 Kg to 82 Kg. I was exercising a lot and eating well. The results extended to other areas.

I never experienced such a strong focus on everything I did. Likewise, I was surprised by how productive I became. I was active, agile, and happy.

That change made me wish to fall in love again. I truly felt ready for a healthy relationship. Luckily, I met a wonderful woman, who made me an even better person. A few years later, we had a beautiful daughter.

However, our country faced a serious political, financial, and social crisis. We had to leave and land in an unknown country. It was a different culture and even language. Our lives became stressful very quickly.

Yet, I had learned a lot. We decided to move on and push forward.

The stress was proving too much for my wife. Then, she lost her job because of her anxiety levels, right when the pandemic hit. She was depressed and started having panic attacks. She spent an entire year without leaving the house, and she gained significant weight.

Fortunately, I had learned my lesson. With the help of professionals and staying together as a family, she made it. We overcame that hurdle.

Today, I’m a happy man with a happy family. I learned a lot from those experiences. After helping my wife, I realized I wish to help others. That desire took me to create this website.

In Holistic Wellness, you’ll find my personal knowledge and research. I’ll share everything that helped me transform my health. If you’re having similar problems, you’re in the right place.

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