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Acid Reflux Causes: Is Your Gut Biome Among GERD Causes?

Aug 18, 2021Metabolism0 comments

Last month, I covered gut bacteria’s benefits. In that article, I explained why they’re beneficial. However, everything is bad in excess. That’s when gut bacteria starts linking to acid reflux causes.

Also known as GERD, acid reflux is awfully common. Moreover, it can disrupt your life considerably. It’s rarely dangerous. Yet, it can disrupt your sleep, nutrition, and more.

Why would gut bacteria link to GERD causes? Today, I’ll explain the relationship. Likewise, I’ll recommend a great product that can help you fight it.

Gut bacteria and acid reflux causes

Gut bacteria lie in your intestines. So, why would it affect your upper body? Firstly, we must clarify that it’s all theory so far. However, overgrowth could be a crucial consideration.

Multiple treatments have surfaced. Many diets have claimed to resolve GERD from gut bacteria. However, let’s analyze what experts say before claiming anything.

Bacterial overgrowth: Main GERD cause?

Bacterial overgrowth has been a suggestion among the primary risk factors. Essentially, its definition is too many bacteria. It makes them spread to where they shouldn’t.

The theory is equally simple. Bacteria produce gases. These gases could pressure your stomach and small intestine. The result is your acid getting pushed to your esophagus.

What does science say?

Further research is still necessary. However, some evidence has suggested that FODMAP could affect GERD symptoms. It translates into small-carb meals.

The research suggested that fermentation could increase acid reflux. Going back to gut bacteria, it could be the reason behind said fermentation. Again, pushing gas to the esophagus.

Is your gut microbiome within GERD causes?

This study analyzes gut microbiome and esophageal disease. Naturally, it’s an umbrella term. It also touches on tumors and other conditions.

However, it does explain GERD’s relationship with microbiota. Primarily, it keeps gut dysbiosis in mind. Why does that matter? Because dysbiosis refers to bacteria imbalance.

The microbiota of acid reflux

GERD’s inflammation often leads to Barret’s esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma. Both conditions host specific microbiomes. In other words, they present dysbiosis.

GERD could be the reason behind it. Its acidic environment could promote these bacteria’s growth. Thus, it could be a crucial link between gut biomes and gastrointestinal diseases.

An immune relationship

Our mucosal immune response acts against inflammation. Chronic inflammation is common in GERD and similar conditions.

Yet, these systemic responses affect our gut biome. Indirectly, it could promote GI disease and its growth. Thus, altering microbiota could cause and complicate GERD.

Does that make probiotics an effective GERD treatment?

Finally, let’s dive into an interesting suggestion. Healthline points out how probiotics are a common treatment for GERD. The thesis behind it is that good bacteria balances your gut biome.

If that’s true, we could link GERD to microbiota. At least, we could say it’s a considerable factor. It doesn’t have to be the main cause.

How can they combat acid reflux causes?

The article points out several benefits of probiotics. Naturally, it points out their digestive and biotic benefits. However, many other benefits link to acid reflux.

For instance, it suggests that probiotics treat irritable bowel syndrome. Ulcers and infections are also suggested benefits.

If probiotics’ benefits are real, they could show a link between microbiota and GERD.

The holistic takeaway

acid reflux causes man with stomach pain red digestic track

Your gut biome is crucial for digestion and countless life aspects. Even if you don’t suffer from acid reflux causes, you shouldn’t neglect it. The benefits can range from losing weight to reducing problematic symptoms.

As such, I want to recommend Acidaburn. It’s an innovative weight loss supplement. It focuses on your gut biome’s health. The blend promotes healthy bacterial growth. It helps you lose weight while reducing acid reflux and other issues.

If you wish to learn more, my review is over here!


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