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Are Screens Bad For The Eyes?: 5 Truths Of Blue Light

Jan 10, 2022Vision0 comments

The last time I debunked eye care myths, I mentioned computer screens. We’ve grown used to believing screens are bad for the eyes. But, that might be more fiction than fact.

Blue light is the main issue with computer screens. That’s the same kind of light that comes from the sun. It’s also the reason the sky is blue.

But, are screens as bad as they say?

Are screens bad for the eyes health and condition?

No, screens won’t make you blind. That’s the short answer. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can stare at computer screens 24/7. At least, you can’t do that without straining your eyes.

Still, electronic devices don’t emit enough blue light to become a health hazard. That includes your smartphone, laptop or desktop PC, and TV.

So, why are people so worried about eye damage? What’s real behind these claims?

The link between LED and blue light

We can “see” things because of light. Colors and images have a broad light spectrum. But, LED screens have a narrow light spectrum. It results in more blue light than other sources.

That’s why LED screens look almost the same as natural light.

Luckily, it’s not enough to cause retinal damage. But, it can stimulate your circadian clock. In other words, it can mess with your sleep habits.

Why do we worry about blue light and screens being bad for eyes?

Blue light can damage your retina if it’s in high intensity. Some blue light devices can also be harmful. For instance, military-grade flashlights and some light bulbs can be risky. Still, that’s because of how bright they are.

But no, screens aren’t bad for eyes: Here are 5 reasons

So, staring at a screen is bad for your eyes. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll become blind because of that. Moreover, it doesn’t mean you’ll cause serious damage in the long run.

There are plenty of facts about blue light and eyes. That said, you’d be surprised by how many are quite optimistic.

#1: Digital strain doesn’t mean screens are bad for eyes

Digital eye strain is a real medical term. It refers to eye fatigue coming from electronic screens. It can cause blurry vision, dryness, and even headaches. That said, it’s not a short-term issue. It’s more akin to tired muscles after exercise.

#2: You need LOTS of blue light for damage to set in

Meaningful eye damage would require you to stare at the sun for 15 minutes during noon. In other words, you need great lengths for blue light to be really dangerous. Moreover, LED screens don’t produce enough to be risky.

#3: Eyes naturally block blue light

As we age, our eyes start to block some blue light. No, it’s not enough to make sun-staring safe. Yet, it’s usually enough to protect you from most blue light sources.

#4: Rest is usually all you need to protect your eyes

As eye strain is basically being tired, resting is typically enough. You can take a 20-minute rest now and then while you work. You can also use blue light filters to reduce strain.

#5: Blue light isn’t always bad

Finally, your can benefit from blue light. Some exposure can boost your alertness and cognition. That’s why taking a walk in the morning is a great way to start the day. It’s also crucial for regulating your circadian rhythm.

The holistic takeaway

are screens bad for the eyes laptop and phone on a table

So, you don’t really have to worry about losing your vision due to screens. Screens aren’t bad for the eyes. But, that doesn’t mean you can be careless with them. Just make sure you’re giving regular breaks to your eyes.

ReVision is another fantastic addition to your eye care habits. It improves how your brain processes visual information. A couple of pills a day can go a long way in improving your vision.

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