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Bad Acid Reflux Habits: What NOT TO DO With Heartburn

Mar 16, 2022Body Pain0 comments

I’ve already covered good heartburn habits. So, we’re looking at the opposite today. What are some bad acid reflux habits?

As you should know, heartburn is mostly about lifestyle. It impacts how we live our lives. But, our habits also have a major influence. You’re largely responsible for how bad things get.

So, what shouldn’t you do? Verywell Health has a bunch of tips. Let’s see the science behind them.

Bad acid reflux habit #1: Not eating properly

Firstly, we must talk about your eating habits. Eating too much or too quickly can mess with your stomach. They make it harder to digest properly. Likewise, you must avoid “trigger” foods. That means greasy, fatty, creamy, or fried meals.

Why is it so bad?

Heartburn symptoms have many triggers. Most of them relate to what and how we eat. Even eating in irregular patterns can worsen your acid reflux.

Bad acid reflux habit #2: Not preparing for eating out

When eating outside, you can’t always predict what you’re eating. But, preparing for it is the best strategy. Make sure you’re not forgetting your supplements. Also, don’t go for whatever the others are eating. Always avoid your triggers.

Why is it so bad?

Proper supplementation can be vital for many GERD patients. So, leaving your home unprepared can leave you “defenseless” against heartburn symptoms.

Bad acid reflux habit #3: Sleeping right after eating

Lying down after you eat is a huge “no.” Similarly, avoid lying flat, regardless of when you sleep. These habits place pressure on your stomach. Most heartburn patients experience the worst symptoms when they’re in bed.

Why is it so bad?

Acid reflux is already bad at night. So, sleeping after potentially triggering heartburn worsens the symptoms. Your stomach’s position and pressure play a huge role.

Bad acid reflux habit #4: Wearing tight clothes

Curiously, tight clothes can worsen your heartburn. But, that’s mainly for clothes around your abdomen. It’s the same pressure theory here. Tight wears press your stomach’s contents. Thus, it can trigger reflux.

Why is it so bad?

In heartburn patients, tight clothes are among the identified risk factors. The issue seems more prevalent in women.

Bad acid reflux habit #5: Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are always bad choices. For instance, smoking can worsen your GERD with many of its effects. Drinking too much also makes it easier to throw up. That’s already a sign that it’s bad for your heartburn.

Why is it so bad?

Smoking cessation is an effective treatment for acid reflux. It appears to reduce symptom frequency. Moreover, alcohol consumption is a major heartburn risk factor.

Bad acid reflux habit #6: Not managing stress properly

Finally, stress doesn’t tie directly into heartburn. Yet, it can trigger many of the behaviors we’ve already talked about. It can also disrupt proper heartburn habits. It doesn’t have to act physiologically to have ill effects.

Why is it so bad?

Major stressors can increase patients’ sensitivity to heartburn. We must also remember how stress can trigger bad habits. Smoking, drinking, and eating poorly are more likely when stressed.

The holistic takeaway

bad acid reflux habits girl complaining in bed


Bad acid reflux habits can wreck even the best of times. Luckily, striking a balance is a great way to control it. You shouldn’t let heartburn control your entire life.

Just make sure you’re eating properly and avoiding generally bad habits. That way, you can turn heartburn into a nuisance.

Correct supplementation can also have a huge impact. That’s why I recommend Acidaburn. It’s my favorite supplement to keep your gut happy.

If you want to learn more, check out my review!


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