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Bad Blood Pressure Habits: What You Should NOT Do

May 19, 2022Blood Pressure0 comments

Bad Blood Pressure Habits: What You Should NOT Do

Bad blood pressure habits can creep in and add up with time. They can make your hypertension spike without you knowing.

But, what are they? More importantly, what makes them bad? That’s what you’ll learn in today’s article.

Bad blood pressure habit #1: Measuring your blood pressure improperly

The first bad habit is making mistakes when taking your blood pressure. This can lead to false high results. All-in-all, your goal should be to follow the instructions to the letter.

Why is it so bad?

Bad readings make treatment and management more difficult. They can also make you more stressed. As you’ll see later, this can also mess with your blood pressure.

Bad blood pressure habit #2: Taking over-the-counter meds often

Some pain medicines, like ibuprofen, can boost your blood pressure. Typically, it’s not an issue. But, if you overdo it, they can start messing with your readings.

Why is it so bad?

Again, getting an accurate reading is a must. It’s how you can manage your blood pressure in the long term. Anything that messes with it is a big “no.”

Bad blood pressure habit #3: Drinking alcohol and caffeine

Likewise, too much alcohol or caffeine can raise your blood pressure. So, make sure you’re asking about these habits the next time you visit the doctor,

Why is it so bad?

Once again, these habits mess with your blood pressure temporarily. As with the previous bad habits, you need accurate readings.

Bad blood pressure habit #4: Bad eating habits

Eating goes a long way in hypertension management. Eating too much salt can spike your blood pressure. Likewise, too little potassium can make it harder to control.

Why is it so bad?

Proper eating is a must for almost every condition. Blood pressure isn’t the exception. This bad blood pressure habit throws a wrench in your plans.

Bad blood pressure habit #5: Poor physical condition

Losing extra pounds can be a vital step in controlling hypertension. So, being overweight and not working out is a bad idea. Make sure you’re adding some exercise to your week.

Why is it so bad?

Blood pressure tends to increase with your weight. The same happens with poor sleep. And, being overweight can disrupt your sleep.

Bad blood pressure habit #6: Smoking

Smoking is always a bad idea. For your blood pressure, that’s particularly true. Smoking can lead to other complications, like heart disease and stroke.

Why is it so bad?

Smoking leads to a plethora of heart issues. Blood pressure is already delicate. So, there’s no need to add the risk of stroke to it.

Bad blood pressure habit #7: Constant stress

Stress often leads to smoking. But, it can also worsen your hypertension if left unchecked. Work stress is a common reason for high blood pressure.

Why is it so bad?

Stress and cortisol trigger several body functions. One of them is increasing your blood pressure. It’s because we need more blood to act in case of an emergency.

Bad blood pressure habit #8: Not resting

Finally, resting and sleeping are vital to managing stress and blood pressure. Naturally, lacking any of the two can lead to higher blood pressure.

Why is it so bad?

This bad blood pressure habit correlates with countless conditions. And, it makes stress management considerably harder. So, make sure you rest enough.

The holistic takeaway

bad blood pressure habits tensiometer

The worst blood pressure habits do more than make hypertension harder to manage. They actively act against your health. As such, it’s crucial to cut them down and manage them properly.

Luckily, there’s a program that does almost everything.

The Blood Pressure Program is a fantastic aid. It has all the exercises and measures you need to take. It also keeps you from adding more medications to your current program.

To learn how it works, check out my review!


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