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Bad Exercises For Osteoporosis: What Shouldn’t You Do?

May 23, 2022Bone Health0 comments

Exercise is a great way to prevent and treat osteoporosis. But, bad exercises for osteoporosis can do the opposite. You could be making your situation a lot worse.

But, what are these bad workouts? Why are they so risky for osteoporosis patients? And, what should you be doing instead?

I’ll answer all those questions in a bit.

How do bad exercises for osteoporosis affect your bones?

[Osteoporosis is a huge disability cause in women]( you have osteoporosis%2C don,jerky%2C rapid movements in general.). It makes your bones more fragile. So, injury and fracture are a lot more likely.

Bad exercises for osteoporosis tend to exacerbate these issues. They may increase your injury risk. Or, they might merely exploit your bones’ weakness.

What are some good exercises for osteoporosis?

With osteoporosis, four types of exercises are better than any other.

Firstly, strength training can help keep your bones’ density. They include free weights and resistance bands. Bodyweight is also great.

Aerobic exercises with weight-bearing are also fantastic. They include walking and other low-impact activities.

Finally, flexibility and stability can help you strengthen your core muscles. That brings extra support to your bones.

What should you avoid?

On the other hand, there are a couple of movements you should stay away from.

Firstly, avoid high-impact workouts. They include running, jogging, and jumping. They can lead to fractures in weak bones.

Secondly, we have excessive bending and twisting. That’s not the same as flexibility and stability. For instance, avoid bending forward with your waist.

What are the bad exercises for osteoporosis?

So, what should you avoid? Firstly, you should avoid physical inactivity. So, that makes it difficult to find a balance.

You should stay active with osteoporosis. But, you must do it in the right way. The first step is to avoid risky exercises.


Again, we have high-impact exercises. Between them, running and jumping stick out among the rest.

Pounding the pavement stresses your bones. That’s because your body needs more strength to maintain the activity. Weak bones can give up with these workouts.

Excessive bends

Here, yoga and Pilates take a hit. They can help prevent falls by improving balance. But, they often require excessive bending. Sit-ups and toe touches suffer the same issue.

Also, try to stay away from tennis and golf. Instead of bending, they twist you at the waist too much. It’s a similar issue.

Falling risk

Of course, falling is a huge issue with osteoporosis. A simple fall can wreck your entire body in one motion. So, skiing and similar sports are a big “no.” The same goes for any contact sport.

What should you do instead of the bad exercises for osteoporosis?

Luckily, you can do a lot to make exercise safer. Yes, it begins by giving up bad exercises for osteoporosis. Then, you should ask your doctor before taking on any exercise routine.

Stay away from high-impact workouts and find alternatives. You can walk instead of jog. You can dance instead of jump.

Finally, just stay away from excess bending.

Instead, try to find the best workouts for osteoporosis. There are plenty available with minimal risk!

The holistic takeaway

bad exercises for osteoporosis shoe and barbels

These bad exercises for osteoporosis can throw a wrench in your plans. So, the best thing is to avoid them entirely. Instead, focus on effective workouts that can help you.

Also, try to find ways to make them safer. A few changes can go a long way in helping you work out effectively.

For more help, I’d always recommend asking your health professional.

Another excellent aid is The Bone Density Solution. It’s a straightforward program with all the workouts you need.

To learn why it’s good, check out my official review!


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