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Benefits Of Eating Coconut Oil: Why Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Oct 18, 2021Heart Health0 comments

There’s plenty of foods to prevent cholesterol issues. However, the benefits of eating coconut oil often overshadow them. Most people claim that not only is coconut oil healthy. It’s a superfood according to many.

But, what’s the truth behind it? Can coconut oil’s benefits improve your cardiovascular health? Should you trust the claims?I’ll answer those questions and more in this article. Also, stay till the end to learn a fantastic strategy to improve your cholesterol!

Most benefits of eating coconut oil relate to cholesterol and weight

Healthline has a great article discussing whether coconut oil is healthy. Curiously, the fat profile is largely what makes coconut oil healthy. Yet, we shouldn’t see this as gospel.

More research is fundamental to prove most of coconut oil’s benefits. Many of its praises come from word of mouth. Still, it could be a healthy replacement for other cooking options.

Unique fatty acid composition

Coconut oil contains somewhat rare saturated acids. The most notable example is lauric acid. Thus, coconut oil is considerably resistant to oxidation. Remember that oxidized cholesterol is a primary health risk.

Improving blood lipids

Lauric acid could improve your blood lipid profile. For instance, it’s more effective than butter and olive oil for increasing good cholesterol. Luckily, it appears to do so without raising bad cholesterol levels.

Losing weight

Finally, coconut oil seems to suppress appetite and lower belly fat. Its fatty acids profile could be the main culprit. However, further research is necessary.

The benefits of eating coconut oil and heart disease

However, Harvard Health Publishing has a different opinion. Their article seems to pose a more pessimistic perspective. Yet, it offers crucial insight into the claims.

Yes, coconut oil is healthy. But, other oils (with more detractors) are also healthy. So, what makes coconut oil so unique? Why do people praise it so much? And, what’s the truth in that?

Where does the hype behind the benefits of eating coconut oil come from?

The key behind all the claims is its good cholesterol implications. Moreover, its fatty acid properties offer promise. As mentioned, there’s also research supporting its benefits regarding cholesterol.

What’s the truth behind the claims?

Yet, research is considerably limited—and controversial. The article goes through several contradictions. One of them is that coconut oil can also raise bad cholesterol levels. That’s because it’s still high in saturated fats, boosting bad cholesterol.

Don’t rely on the benefits of eating coconut oil alone

As always, I won’t recommend that you stick to one miracle solution. Being healthy demands effort and a holistic approach. Coconut oil offers plenty of benefits, but it’s not a complete solution.

One of the main disadvantages is that people neglect other areas. They believe that coconut oil is healthy and enough.

Never fall for that mindset, especially considering that…

Maybe coconut oil isn’t healthy—or at least as most people think

As we mentioned, coconut oil might also raise bad cholesterol levels. And, Mayo Clinic agrees with it. It elevates both good and bad cholesterol levels. Yet, it also lacks the amount of research as other types of oil.

The holistic takeaway

benefits of eating coconut oil coconuts

Coconut oil is a fantastic option for your meals. It tastes great, and it offers unique benefits. Some benefits of coconut oil are unique to it as well. Yet, you mustn’t fall for the idea that it’s a miracle solution.

Instead, think of how it can complement your nutrition and fitness strategy. It’s an ally, not a savior.

Speaking of strategies, let’s talk about my recommendation. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is a holistic approach to heart health. It dives into an often-neglected aspect of cholesterol health. Moreover, it offers a lifestyle-oriented solution.

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