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Best Back Pain Treatments That Don’t Require Surgery

Jul 10, 2023Body Pain0 comments

Back pain is the bane of everyone’s existence, including me. It can ruin the best of days right when they start. So, getting rid of it is a fairly large priority for anyone. Luckily, the best back pain treatments typically don’t require surgery.

Naturally, the first step to treating back pain is finding the cause. Back pain may come from poor posture. However, other people may develop it from stress or anxiety. Thus, addressing these causes tends to improve the pain.

So, what can you do about it?

Physical therapy is always the best back pain treatment

As you can expect, this one’s my favorite treatment. And, it might also be what most people need. Firstly, it’s good for both acute and chronic back pain. Secondly, other alternatives include medication, injections, and surgery.

As such, physical therapy is a great start that can solve most issues. Light aerobic exercise is the best first step. You can try walking, biking, or light jogging. Then, strengthening your core is an ideal step up.

However, some people might benefit less from certain exercises. If you feel pain during physical therapy, take note. Next time, you might be better off avoiding that exercise.

Meditation and mindfulness exercises for back pain

This being among the best back pain treatment might surprise you. However, back pain recovery is physical and psychological. This approach has gained popularity among therapists. Its main goal is to improve patients’ quality of life.

Research has found that mindfulness meditation effectively lowers pain. However, several sessions might be necessary. Moreover, it does more than reduce pain. It also aims to improve stress levels related to back pain.

As for the specific methods, they vary extensively. Body scans and sitting meditation are the most common forms. However, walking meditation has also shown positive results.

Avoid inflammatory foods for an easy back pain treatment

Inflammation is an immune response that helps us heal. However, it can also cause damage and pain. Plus, some diets support inflammation. People following these diets have higher back pain chance.

This becomes a problem when we consider the standard American diet. Sodas, juices, and trans fats may cause inflammation. Meat from animals fed with grains is also a contributor. The same goes for refined vegetable oils.

Therefore, giving up these diets might be a good step.

Change your lifestyle to heal back pain without surgery

Simple lifestyle changes can also do a lot for your back pain. Many back pain factors relate to habits. That includes sedentism, poor diets, bad workout techniques, and more. So, a few changes here and there can go a long way.

For starters, we have fitness habits. Improving your weight can be a massive advantage. Also, that would lead to better eating habits and exercise. Thus, it drives you to other effective practices.

Best back pain medical treatments without surgery

Lastly, we have modern medicine. Avoiding surgery, you can also find multiple options. For instance, muscle relaxants can help you with acute back pain. Yet, they’re ineffective in treating chronic pain.

On the other hand, we have narcotic pain meds. Painkillers alter our pain perception instead of alleviating the cause. Thus, they’re also great for acute pain. However, treating long-term pain isn’t ideal. Painkillers can cause addiction and side effects. Steroid injections are a common, more effective alternative.

Nevertheless, these treatments are usually complements of physical therapy. So, make sure that’s your first choice.

The holistic takeaway

best back pain treatments - man stretching in the sunset

The best back pain treatments rarely amount to surgery. Instead, physical therapy and lifestyle changes are your allies. As explained, most treatment approaches come down to physical therapy. Plus, other alternatives are mostly complements.

That’s why I recommend The Back Pain Breakthrough. It’s an easy-to-follow exercise program for back pain. It offers everything you need to improve chronic back pain. The workouts are simple and backed by science.

You can learn more with my official review!


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