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What’s The Best Sleeping Position? Left Side Vs. Right Side Sleeping

Jun 11, 2021Sleeping0 comments

Finding the best sleeping position has been a priority for countless people worldwide. We’re always struggling to sleep better. With time, we’ve learned that our sleeping position matters.

Everyone has a favorite position. Some like to sleep on their backs and others on their side. Basically, you’re mostly fine as long as you avoid sleeping on your stomach.

With side sleepers, an interesting debate comes up. Experts are still not sure whether left or right-side sleep is better. Luckily, that’s because both sides share many benefits. On the other hand, they excel at different things.

What advantages do left-side sleepers have?

Left-side sleepers seem to have more support than their counterparts. For instance, ayurvedic medicine praises sleeping on your left side. Additionally, left-side sleepers seem to enjoy more unique advantages.

Better digestion

Digestive benefits are the main reason for sleeping on your left side. It boils down to gravity, as it allows better movement for food waste. Therefore, it’s better for bowel movements. It also keeps your pancreas free from tension.

Pregnancy benefits

Some experts recommend left-side sleeping for circulation during pregnancy. However, there’s strong debate on which side is better for circulation.

That said, left-side sleepers suffer less pressure on their backs. That means the uterus doesn’t squeeze any organs.

Heartburn protection

Back to digestion, left-side sleepers suffer considerably less from acid reflux. That’s due to your stomach’s left-side position. It also provides somewhat immediate relief. You might feel better a few minutes after lying on your left side.

What advantages do right-side sleepers have?

You might think I missed some left-side sleeper benefits. That’s because our focus is the exclusive advantages. Less snoring and back pain relief pertain to left and right side sleep.

Nevertheless, right-side sleepers might be giving up many health advantages. That’s because there’s less documentation behind right-side-exclusive edges.

Nonetheless, there’s one area where right-side sleepers excel.

Keeping your heart in shape

Right-side sleepers typically allow for more space in their chest cavity. It also decreases pressure on the surrounding muscles. Some experts state that left-side sleepers pull their hearts against the cavity.

The holistic takeaway

Thankfully, left or right-side sleep is a minor debate. The best sleeping position depends on your preference. Most of us switch sides throughout the night as well.

That means that choosing a side is mainly related to what you like the most. That said, make sure to consider what you need help with. Assess each side’s unique advantages to find the best sleeping position for the moment.


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