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Best Vegetable Oil Alternatives: My Top 7!

Apr 15, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

Vegetable oil has gained a lot of hate lately. People have started to realize its risks outweigh the benefits. Sure, it’s convenient. But, so are most of the best vegetable oil alternatives.

In this article, I’ll share the best cooking allies for your kitchen. They’ll help you avoid the worst foods for cholesterol.

And, they’ll taste better!

Best vegetable oil alternative #1: Coconut oil

Coconut oil has always been one of my favorites. You can use it for almost anything. It’s great for baking, frying, and more. Just keep an eye on it solidifying when cooled. Likewise, your meals will taste slightly different.

Best vegetable oil alternative #2: Olive oil

Olive oil is the best vegetable oil alternative for many. It’s more accessible than coconut oil. And, it’s great for frying. If you prefer to use it for salads or flavor, extra-virgin oil is amazing.

Best vegetable oil alternative #3: Canola oil

Canola oil is the number one for Better Homes and Gardens. Unlike other oils here, it’s tasteless. So, it’s ideal if you don’t want extra flavors in your food.

Best vegetable oil alternative #4: Butter

Originally, vegetable oil came to replace butter. Today, butter has shown that was needless at best. Just don’t use it for frying. It’s best for baking.

Best vegetable oil alternative #5: Avocado oil

Good HouseKeeping advocates for avocado oil. It’s quite similar to olive oil—for those who don’t like the taste. It has a buttery flavor. And, it’s good for virtually anything.

Best vegetable oil alternative #6: Ghee

Ghee also comes from the previous source. It’s basically butter without water and milk solids. Its high smoke point makes it great for cooking. The nutty flavor is fantastic for baking.

Best vegetable oil alternative #7: Mayonnaise

Finally, we have the weirdest entry by The Pioneer Woman. Mayo is a great replacement if you want moisture when baking. Just stick to the other best vegetable oil alternatives for cooking.

The holistic takeaway

best vegetable oil alternatives olive oil sorrounded by a tomato, a garlic head and a basil leave

The best vegetable oil alternatives combine flavor and health. Of course, they might be slightly more expensive or less convenient. But, it’s a worthy investment for your health.

But, you also want to reverse vegetable oil’s damage.

That’s where The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy comes in. This workout and nutrition program has everything you need. It’s a seamless guide to improving your cholesterol.

To learn how it works, read my review!


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