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Breakfast Smoothie Recipes: What Your Healthy Shakes Need

Aug 27, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Healthy shakes are almost fitness trademarks. However, a lot of people misunderstand what makes them good. Breakfast smoothie recipes aren’t just a bunch of fruit. They need some care and thought.

Luckily, I recently came across a great recipe book. It offers unique and delicious recipes. Today, I’ll combine that knowledge with reputable sources. My goal is to teach you the basics of a good smoothie.

What makes good breakfast smoothie recipes?

Do you know what’s wonderful about smoothies? You can do almost anything and get away with it. You only have to keep a few basics in mind. Naturally, too much sugar can deny their benefits.

Other than that, almost everything is fair game. You can use your favorite liquids and ingredients. You can go for fruits or vegetables.

Just remember a couple of guidelines.

A healthy shake is about balance

Again, balance is key here. You should include fruits, vegetables, fat, and protein. If you can do that, a smoothie is a balanced breakfast.

Crafting healthy breakfast smoothie recipes

However, it’s always better to make them yourself. You can find protein and fat from the milk. You can also add nut butter, fruits, and vegetables.

Fruit or green breakfast smoothie recipes?

For some, fruits are the best for antioxidants. They also offer a high energy boost. That makes them perfect for your workouts. However, some consider them too high in sugar.

On the other hand, greens are less popular. Many think they’re less tasty. Yet, they offer unique benefits that you can’t get from fruits.

Why would you choose fruit?

Fruit shakes are amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boosts. They’re also great if you need energy for the day. Just keep in mind their sugar content!

Why would you choose greens?

On the other hand, greens are almost super-foods. They help against cancer and cognitive decline. Their vitamin content is also great. Even if you prefer fruit, adding spinach or a similar vegetable.

The holistic takeaway

Breakfast smoothie recipes

In the end, the best advice is to go for what you like. Just remember your main goal: nutrition. Don’t overdo it with any ingredients, and you’ll be fine. Sugar is your main concern.

If you’re looking for great breakfast smoothie recipes, I have good news. The Smoothie Diet is a fantastic recipe book. You can find smoothies for any purpose. They’re delicious and fit all tastes!

If it sounds good, check my review here!


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