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Burn Fat for Energy: Losing Weight Effectively

May 11, 2023Metabolism0 comments

Many theories explain how to lose weight. Burning calories, fat, keto, diet, and exercise are just examples. Some exercises are better for burning fat. Some foods are bad. But, what’s the truth? Can you burn fat for energy?

Your workouts can burn fat after you depleted your carbs. But, that’s a lengthy process. And, you need to work out extensively for it. Essentially, you burn more fat the longer you work out.

That said, why would you want to burn fat instead of carbs? That’s what you’ll learn today.

How we burn fat for energy during exercise

The process is quite simple, actually. We store some fat in our muscles. When we exercise, we tend to deplete our carbs after a while. Then, our bodies start breaking down fat for energy. But, this mobilization begins as soon as we start exercising.

The linked article also suggests that this process is better with conditioning. Trained people tend to store more fat in the muscle. Moreover, workout intensity also affects how much fat you burn.

Additionally, your diet also plays a large role. Eating more carbs means your body will burn less fat. Instead, try to eat fewer carbs. That way, you’ll deplete those stores faster. Then, you’ll body will resort to burning fat.

Why burning fat for energy is a good idea

So, why would you want to burn fat for energy? Burning only carbs doesn’t alter your fat stores. In other words, that belly will likely stay the same. But, there are other benefits you might like.

I’ll summarize them below:

  • Burning fat tends to produce more energy than carbs. As such, you’ll feel energized for longer and perform better.
  • You might also develop a stronger resting metabolism. Eating less carbs might speed up your metabolism. The result is losing more weight.
  • Ketosis, the process of burning fat, may reduce your appetite, too. So, you won’t feel the need to overeat or indulge cravings.
  • With time, your body gets used to relying less on sugar. That means you’ll feel fewer sweet cravings.
  • Finally, your blood sugar will decrease as well. This can help you avoid type-2 diabetes or treat it.

How to burn fat for energy next time you work out

So, how can you burn fat for energy? The answer is coming up with a cardio program that prioritizes variety. High-intensity cardio is great. You can burn more calories in less time. But, that might not be enough to get results.

That’s because your body has different energy systems. You’ll burn carbs the first few minutes of working out. After around 15 minutes, you’ll start burning fat.

High-intensity workouts help you burn the most calories. Yet, overdoing it can yield negative results. You might feel burned out from exercise. Plus, you might increase your risk of injury. So, your best bet is to alternate between intense and recovery segments.

Then, we have moderate-intensity workouts. This approach lets you work out for longer and safer. Therefore, it’s easier to reach that fat-burning sweet spot. And, low-intensity can help you take a break while burning fat.

The key lies in combining these approaches. Try adding one day or two of high intensity. Then, go for moderate intensity for another two days. In the middle, stick to a low-intensity routine.

The holistic takeaway

burn fat for energy - bread and curated jam in a board

Burning fat instead of carbs can help you lose weight faster. And, it offers several health benefits. Now, I’m not saying you should totally cut carbs. Instead, try eating fewer carbs with time. This way, you’ll start to burn fat for energy.

Exipure can also help you optimize your body for burning fat. It’s a convenient and effective formula that focuses on improving fat levels. Additionally, it’ll help you increase brown fat levels. That way, your resting metabolism also increases.


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