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Cabbage Soup Diet Disadvantages: What You NEED To Know!

Oct 3, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

The cabbage soup diet is easily one of the most famous soup diets. However, many forget about the cabbage soup diet disadvantages. Soup diets are a great weight loss option. But, you must be aware of the pros and cons.

Learning how to follow a soup diet is easy. The key lies in understanding what makes them effective. For instance, soup is a better replacement for dinner than other meals.

That said, not all soup diets are effective. Like other diets, you need solid fundamentals and nutrition. Today, we’ll analyze why the cabbage soup diet often fails.

What is the cabbage soup diet?

As WebMD explains it, the cabbage soup revolves around said meal. It’s often a way to kick-start a weight loss attempt. We can also consider it a crash diet. Cabbage soup makes up most of your daily meals.

It also allows for a few additional foods. You can add fruits, vegetables, and (sometimes) beef.

The soup itself has some variation in its recipes. Extra ingredients include tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. Nevertheless, most recipes have similar ingredients. Thus, this diet can get boring quite quickly.

What are the main cabbage soup diet disadvantages?

As you can see, the cabbage soup diet’s disadvantages stem from its limits. That’s the main takeaway from sources like Insider and LiveStrong. The diet goes by multiple names, probably to spread its popularity.

However, no science backs the diet’s effectiveness. Yes, it has solid foundations, like more filling soups. But, the specific approach is the main problem with this diet.

Physical discomfort

Firstly, the diet is incredibly high in fiber. At first glance, it might seem positive. Yet, it can also cause prominent bloating and flatulence. The diet can also be harder to digest than other meal programs.

Also, the cabbage soup diet translates into heavy calorie restriction. It also offers little fat and protein—if any. So, fatigue and exhaustion are common side effects of this diet plan. Hunger can also become an obstacle in daily life.

Strict program

Secondly, the cabbage soup diet is really strict. It barely allows for meals other than fruits and vegetables. That’s one of the reasons why physical discomfort is a consequence. But, it has more repercussions.

Strict diets are harder to follow. You might feel bored or frustrated after a few days. It’s also not likely to improve with time. In these cases, it’s also easier to lose all the progress a few days after ending. You’ll likely fall back to old eating habits as soon as you’re done.

More than weight loss

Losing weight can be broader than just losing weight. Rapid weight-loss programs may lead to muscle atrophy. Remember that your body needs plenty of nutrients. Eating only cabbage soup leads to poor nutrition.

In many cases, it can also lead to water weight loss. That’s why most people regain their weight after resuming their regular diets.

What can you do to avoid the cabbage soup diet disadvantages?

So, a strict cabbage soup diet isn’t ideal. Luckily, you have plenty of alternatives. Most of the time, they’re simpler than said diet, too. And, you get to avoid most cabbage soup diet’s disadvantages.

The first step is to cut back on sugar and simple carbs. That’ll help your hunger levels diminish with time. Then, you replace them with protein, fats, and fiber. They’ll make you feel fuller. Plus, they still provide energy and nutrients for your muscles.

Of course, working out should also be a priority.

The holistic takeaway

cabbage soup diet disadvantages - big cabbage

So, the cabbage soup diet’s disadvantages are enough to nullify its benefits. But, that doesn’t mean soup diets are entirely bad. You can use soup diets to help you lose weight healthily. You just need the right approach.

That’s where The 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet comes in. This program offers all the recipes and foods you need. It doesn’t shed all nutrients like traditional diets. Instead, it’s a simple meal replacement program.

To learn exactly how it works, check out my review.


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