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Can Noise Make You Deaf? The Truth Behind Loud Noises

Feb 4, 2022Hearing Loss0 comments

As I’ve already explained, loud music can cause hearing loss. That’s why handling tinnitus is mainly about habits. But, can noise make you deaf? Or is it just a myth?

Despite its lifestyle repercussions, we often neglect hearing loss. We do countless things to worsen it.

Are loud noises part of that?

Is it a myth that noise can make you deaf?

Basically, it’s not. Many people see their hearing loss disappear after a while. That’s usually after a loud concert or other noise exposure. But, noise-induced hearing loss can be permanent. So, see your doctor if it persists.

How can noise make you deaf?

Hearing loss can last for a while or forever. It depends on what parts of your ear were damaged. Said damage can come from many sources. The same noise can trigger temporary or permanent loss.

The variables are many. But, noise can make you deaf in a couple of ways.

Noise can make you deaf because of hair cells

Our ears have thousands of hairs. Up to half of them can become damaged before we can notice any changes. If you feel your hearing recovering, it’s because they haven’t recovered. But, they can also die—causing long-term harm.

The same goes for your nerves

We also have an auditory nerve. The story is roughly the same as with hair cells. But, the effects usually aren’t immediately noticeable. Likewise, it can cause or worsen other hearing issues.

So, noise can make you deaf: How can you prevent it?

Noise-induced hearing loss is the only preventable type. But, it’s also quite common. That’s because we don’t know how to prevent it.

Luckily, there’s one tip that can go a long way in helping you.

Identify and act on harmful sounds

The strategy is to know what’s too much. After you identify that, you can take a break. Of course, taking a break isn’t always a few minutes. You usually need days to recover from a loud concert.

Typically, anything above 85dB can be bad for you. Busy traffic tends to touch that threshold. Anything from that or a motorbike or louder can wreck your hearing. Listening to loud music on your headphones can reach 100dB easily.

The holistic takeaway

can noise make you deaf pair of headphones

We tend to underestimate our environment’s effect on us. That’s a problem when we over-expose ourselves to harmful situations.

A concert is fine. But, you can’t ignore your body. Make sure you rest enough and seek treatment when necessary.

That’s why I want to recommend Synapse XT. It’s a fantastic supplement that focuses on signal translation. If you have tinnitus, it might be the solution you need.

To learn how it works, check out my review.


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