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Can Soup Cleanses Work? What You Need To Know

Mar 2, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

If you’ve read my content, you know I’m not a fan of detox. But, if you want to speed up weight loss, they could help. You just have to do them in the right way. That’s what takes us to today’s topic: can soup cleanses work?

Soup can be an amazing ally for weight loss. It helps you eat fewer calories. Yet, you don’t give up as many nutrients as other diets.

But, how do they work? Can you cleanse yourself with soup?

How can soup cleanses work?

WikiHow has a great introduction to soup cleanses. Essentially, a soup cleanse replaces meals with soup. With the right ingredients, you can give a break to your gut.

But, that’s the strictest approach. I must remind you that you don’t have to replace all meals. In fact, you shouldn’t do that.

Focus on what works outside soups

Firstly, you need the right weight loss ingredients. From the broth to vegetables and protein, you have many options.

Try researching regular detox ingredients. Leeks, spices, and leafy greens are great choices. For protein, you can try different beans and legumes.

How soup cleanses can work during the day

Most soup cleanses follow traditional rules. You can find 3-day programs. But, the time varies. It also depends heavily on how much you’ll replace with soups.

If you’re only eating soups, one day might be enough. Always consider your nutrition and other meals before committing. Make sure you also drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks if you’re hungry.

Know how soup cleanses can work

Finally, don’t follow any program blindly. Go for cleanse programs that explain the theory behind everything. Learning about other cleanses can also help.

But, make sure you also research why other diets don’t work. That way, you can avoid common pitfalls many people follow. Also, learn your cleanse’s nutritional impact and when it’s better.

What should you learn about whether soup cleanses can work?

As mentioned, you shouldn’t follow any diet program blindly. Women’s Health has great insight into soup cleanses.

Basically, you need expectations before undertaking a soup cleanse. Of course, I don’t only mean the results. Soup cleanses can be tough. Make sure you understand that.

Soup cleanses work in many ways

There are many “optimal” ways to do a soup cleanse. As mentioned, you can go for a 100% soup diet or replace some meals. You can go for vegan soups as well.

The main goal is to stay away from calories. Trying different recipes can help you stay interested in your cleanse.

Don’t replace all your meals with soup

But, I can’t recommend going for 100% soup diets. Soups are great when compared to juice. Yet, they’re still missing crucial nutrients from other meals.

That’s why the best approach is to replace one or two meals. And, make sure you’re getting your nutrients from other sources. Dining soup more often is a great start.

The holistic takeaway

can soup cleanses work bowl of green soup

So, can soup cleanses work? In one word: yes.

As usual, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You can’t eat a magic soup that’ll help you remove toxins and lose weight. Moreover, you can’t eat soup for all your meals.

You need to strike a balance. Soups are a great addition to your days. Yet, they’re still light meals. Make sure you’re adding as many nutrients as you can. Also, keep your other meals as healthy as possible.

That takes me to my recommendation for this article. The 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is a fantastic diet program. It helps you add more soups to your meals. But, it doesn’t neglect other foods.

Overall, it’s a great complement to any diet.

If you want to learn more, let me point you to my official review!


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