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Can You Outgrow Crossed Eyes? The Truth Behind Strabismus

Mar 11, 2022Vision0 comments

I’ve already covered eye health myths. In fact, I’ve done so twice. Many of them can be surprising. For instance, screens aren’t as bad as you think. Today, I’m tackling another myth: can you outgrow crossed eyes?

Strabismus is fairly common in kids. But, many parents believe they can “outgrow” their lazy eyes. That’s simply not true.

But, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Before learning whether you can outgrow crossed eyes: What are they?

Simplified, strabismus is a medical condition in which eyes don’t line up. In other words, they look in different directions.

In most cases, this condition shows up in children. But, you can also develop it later in life. Secondary issues are more likely the older you are. And, they can include stroke and cerebral palsy.

Where do crossed eyes come from?

In most cases, nerve damage or muscular issues are the root. Basically, something interferes with your eyes’ visual messages. That causes the brain to “ignore” one of them. That’s what weakens the eye.

So, can you outgrow crossed eyes?

No, you can’t “outgrow” crossed eyes. This condition relates directly to your physiology. Thus, starting treatment as soon as possible is crucial.

Crossed eyes aren’t a negligible condition

As mentioned, neglecting strabismus can cause serious issues down the line. Most adults with crossed eyes were born with them.

What are the treatment options when you can’t outgrow crossed eyes?

Luckily, today’s treatment options are plentiful. Below, you can find 4 primary methods:

  • Some patients only need special eyeglasses or contacts.
  • Prism lenses are thicker on one side. They work by leveling how much light the eyes need.
  • Vision therapy can implement different exercises to help your eyes focus better.
  • Finally, muscle surgery is the “last resort.” But, it’s fairly seamless today.

The holistic takeaway

can you outgrow crossed eyes cat with crossed eyes

So, can you outgrow crossed eyes? No, it’s a “strategy” that can cause long-term vision impairment.

It’s not only false. But, this myth can turn into a greater problem as kids grow older. The best step is always to seek a professional. Today, surgery for strabismus is quite straightforward.

Thus, there’s little reason not to find help. Non-surgical treatment is also possible.

Moreover, proper supplementation can go a long way to help you with other eye issues. Likewise, it could improve recovery. I’m talking about ReVision.

To learn more about why it can help, read my review!


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