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Cardio Vs Strength Training For Fat – What’s Better?

Dec 19, 2022Exercise - Fitness0 comments

I’ve already covered the best exercises for losing weight. If you’re trying to lose belly fat, you might find conflicting advice. Some recommend cardio for losing more belly fat. For others, strength training is better to turn that fat into muscle.

Losing fat is already difficult. You might even have to stop drinking. So, more confusion added to the mix only worsens everything. That’s why I’m here to clarify things.

In this article, we’ll look at cardio vs strength training for fat. What’s the best? And, how can you optimize fat burning?

Let’s see.

The general overview of cardio vs strength training for fat

Traditionally, cardio has been the favorite for losing weight. However, strength training has gained more fame. That’s because of its metabolic implications. That said, there’s still a strong case for cardio.

People training in cardio can lose up to twice as much weight as strength trainees. Yet, that also meant spending more time in the gym. So, the results might even out if we factor in effort and time.

Moreover, resistance training is crucial for maintaining lean body mass. Resistance training might also improve your cardio training results.

Which type of workout works better for weight loss?

According to Healthline, the best workout depends on what you want. The thing about cardio vs strength training for fat is how they act. Your choice will depend on what you’re looking for.

Firstly, cardio burns more calories in one session. Running for half an hour can be enough, depending on your weight. Plus, it’ll take roughly the same effort as strength training. So, it’s more efficient.

On the other hand, we have strength training. Weight training might burn fewer calories. But, the benefits are different. Weight training helps you build muscle. And, muscle burns more calories than other tissue. So, strength training is better for your resting metabolism.

With that in mind, high-intensity interval training might be your best bet. It can provide the same benefits as cardio in less time. Of course, it takes more effort, and it’s more daunting. But, it’s the best way to optimize your results.

The benefits of cardio vs strength training for fat

WomensHealthMag breaks down the benefits of each type of training. Naturally, understanding these benefits is key to making the most out of training. So, let’s break the down quickly.

For cardio, the benefits are fairly straightforward:

  • It improves heart health.
  • Regulates your appetite.
  • Boosts fat loss over strength training.
  • It’s cheaper than weightlifting, and it’s easier to plan and add variation.
  • Aids your cognitive performance, blood pressure, and immune system.

On the other hand, weight lifting still has important benefits for losing weight.

  • It builds muscle. That means your resting metabolic rate improves. Muscle requires more energy to maintain than other tissues.
  • It improves your bone health and protects you from fractures. So, it’s better for aging.
  • It also helps you relieve stress.
  • It helps you sleep better. So, it’s great for maintaining a sleep schedule and feeling energized for workouts.
  • Finally, it’s fairly easy to adapt if you have the means. You just have to add or remove weight accordingly.

Variety is ideal if you want to lose weight

As you can see, different types of workouts have their own advantages. So, the best way to lose weight is to combine them. MensHealth recommends variety for a solid fitness plan. Changing your routine also makes your routine less monotonous.

You might enjoy cardio or resistance training more. But, you still should add the other side of the picture. That doesn’t mean you need to make it intense. Just make sure you’re keeping your workout schedule varied.

That way, you can reap all the benefits without compromising weight loss. It’ll help you shed those extra pounds still. You’ll just be adding extra benefits to the mix.

The holistic takeaway

cardio vs strength training for fat - man doing obstacules evasion training

Cardio vs strength training for fat isn’t as clear-cut as you might think. Cardio remains your best ally if you want to shed extra pounds. Yet, we can’t neglect the benefits of strength training. If you want a healthier lifestyle, you must vary your training.

Also, strength training is optimal for your metabolism. It’s the best way to get results to last beyond your training hours.

Luckily, there’s another way you can optimize your fat-burning attempts. The Fat Burning Kitchen is your best ally for that. It’s the ideal nutrition guide to complement your fitness schedule.

To learn more about it, feel free to check out my review!


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