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Studying The Carnivore Diet Plan: Why An All Meat Diet Might Not Be A Good Idea

Jun 8, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Diet programs for weight loss have been around for ages. Many have come and gone, but some have become staples. The carnivore diet is among the most popular specialized diets. This all-meat diet promises a powerful protein surplus.

However, does it deliver on its promises?

Famous diets have countless challenges. They’re not only difficult and require considerable discipline. Cutting nutrients is commonplace, and a meat-only diet isn’t the exception.

The key lies there: cutting nutrients. The main problem with these diets is how they neglect proper nutrition. Today, we’ll go through the carnivore diet plan.

How does the carnivore diet plan work?

This diet program is fairly self-explanatory. It focuses solely on animal products, including meat and dairy. It excludes virtually all other food groups. The main advantage is that it aids with weight loss.

Interestingly, the carnivore diet is similar to the keto diet. It aims to eliminate carbs to promote ketosis. In other words, it promotes fat burning for energy instead of carbs.

Weight loss implications

The carnivore diet’s focus on ketosis contributes the most weight loss benefits. Protein helps you feel fuller after eating. It also boosts your metabolic rate. Cutting carbs promotes burning fat for energy as well.

Just keep in mind that it’s not necessary. You can (and should) lose weight without eliminating carbs.


The main benefit of the carnivore diet plan is low blood sugar levels. It could help people with diabetes and similar conditions. Furthermore, it could help you somewhat speed up weight loss.

However, these benefits have a similar drawback to the previous point. You can control your blood sugar levels without cutting carbs.

It’s still not ideal

A meat-only diet cuts carbs, but it’s high in other problematic nutrients. For instance, sodium, cholesterol, and fat levels are prominent. This diet program can result in:

  • Blood pressure issues.
  • Cardiovascular and heart complications.
  • Kidney disease.

The main issue with a meat-only diet

As Atlas Biomed explains, the carnivore diet overlooks vital nutrition factors. It’s similar to other fad diets: it promises miracles. You may see the all-meat diet recommended for more than weight loss. However, most claims lack scientific support.

For instance, we know that fruits and vegetables are fantastic. The carnivore diet plan gets rid of them as well. That should be a bad sign already.

Similar to the ketogenic diet

Firstly, this diet plan is outstandingly similar to the keto diet. It relies on ketogenesis to boost your weight loss. As we’ve already covered, that diet isn’t ideal, either. Many of the same problems repeat here. That means poor nutrition, fatigue, and other complications.

Subpar fiber supplementation

Some proponents of the all-meat diet discuss that fiber isn’t necessary. Fiber is fundamental for our diet. Neglecting it can result in constipation and excess cholesterol. It even regulates your blood glucose and lipids.

Avoiding carbs too much

Carbohydrates provide energy. Anyone saying that you need to eliminate them defies scientific research. Our muscles and brain receive their energy from carbs. Cutting them results in mental fog and overall fatigue.

What side effects can you expect from the carnivore diet?

The carnivore diet plan requires extensive adaptation. That should be a bad sign, as it contradicts our nutrition needs. Even websites recommending it have extensive symptoms lists.

Adaptation complications

The meat-only diet has an intricate adaptation period. You’ll experience brain fog, dehydration, and constipation. All these issues result from your body adjusting to the lack of nutrients.

Losing energy

Your body has to transition from sugar to fat to produce energy. While it happens, you’ll get tired incredibly easily. This period’s duration differs for everyone.

Hormonal imbalance

Cortisol and other hormones will fluctuate while you adjust. That means your mood will be quite unstable. You’ll experience higher stress and anxiety in the meantime.

Lack of focus

Brain fog is a prominent issue, but it’s not the only problem. Your body will feel like it’s starving. That’s because of the lack of nutrients. Our brain response to starving is anxiety.

Sugar withdrawal

Cutting carbohydrates removes a crucial nutrient from your organism. Naturally, your body will demand it. The sensation is similar to quitting addictive substances. Cravings and mood swings are typical.

Digestive complications

Finally, this problem can be worse than brain fog for some. Digestive complications include constipation and diarrhea. The gallbladder needs to adjust to increased fat levels.

The holistic takeaway

The carnivore diet plan might sound like a good idea at first. It cuts carbs, which we keep hearing is a good thing. It adds more protein as well, helping your metabolism. Carbs and fat are usually satanized. For many people, the theory is solid.

However, it’s pretty different in practice. You’re foregoing crucial nutrients. That means essentially starving your body in various ways. Simultaneously, you’re saturating yourself with other elements.

Both approaches are a bad idea. An all-meat diet seems fantastic for meat lovers. Unfortunately, your body isn’t a fan of meat-only diets.


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