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Chinese Traditional Medicine: Are Medicinal Plants Relevant Today?

Aug 2, 2021Plants & Spices0 comments

A couple of weeks ago, I covered herbal medicine history. As a conclusion, I added how it could help us today. This time, I’d like to elaborate on that. Today, I’ll compare modern and Chinese traditional medicine.

Medicinal plants have been more relevant than you might think. They’ve been responsible for major advances. Similarly, many cultures still rely on traditional practices.

In the end, I’ll also give you a great recommendation for starting. I’ve found a great product for those interested in learning traditional medicine.

Chinese traditional medicine has bred modern drugs

As covered by SciDev Net, the market keeps searching for new drugs. Researchers constantly studying promising medicinal plants. However, this interest also seems to go beyond plants. Traditional treatments have also attracted large interest.

The main problem with medicinal plants: Standards

Companies can create virtually any formula and sell it. Standardization is rare. Consequentially, most brands can sell anything without guarantees.

Variability becomes a challenge

Variability can be a problem in medicine. Standardization keeps result constancy. Results can vary considerably, even with the same medication.

Legal protection of knowledge

Finally, there aren’t copyright laws and intellectual rights. Anyone can copy someone’s formula and resell it with slight variations. The same goes for using similar brand names and logos.

Adding Chinese traditional medicine to current practices

However, traditional medicine is also controversial. It has as many supporters as detractors. Yet, most of its problems seem to come from lacking standardization. On the other hand, traditional treatments rarely implement synthetic components.

It goes beyond medicinal plants

We must consider other practices. Tai Chi and acupuncture can work fantastically for stress relief. Acupuncture can also help with physical pain and tension. Tai Chi can be crucial for reducing pain, balance, and stability.

Assessing prominent safety concerns

Unfortunately, products from medicinal plants can be wildcards. They can cause asthma and allergic reactions. Some could come with pesticides and other harmful compounds. As such, medication should receive special care.

Always look for professional support

Not needing prescriptions doesn’t mean doctors are unnecessary. It’s always best to consult with them before any treatment. Medicinal plants are still treatments. Make sure to ask before taking anything, especially if you:

  • Have a health condition.
  • Are pregnant or nursing.
  • Wish to treat a child.
  • Are currently under another treatment.

How can we compare modern and Chinese traditional medicine?

Finally, let’s briefly compare the two approaches. Elite Learning has a great article, which I’ll summarize below. For more information, make sure to read the original content!

Modern medicine

Modern medicine is what we see at clinics, hospitals, and drug stores. It comes from doctors and established companies. Modern prescriptions, surgeries, and treatments make up modern medicine.

The good

Modern medicine advanced rapidly. New medications and treatments come out seemingly every day. Likewise, plenty of research and testing virtually guarantee their safety. Modern medicine has reduced mortality rates.

The bad

Unfortunately, modern medicine can be significantly expensive. Thus, it’s fairly common for people to be unable to access it. Moreover, many of these drugs can cause dependence and addiction.

Chinese traditional medicine

Traditional medicine mostly relates to knowledge and practices from ancient cultures. We can include medicinal plants, acupuncture, and related methods. It usually lacks as much research—mostly due to smaller brands.

The good

Traditional medicine still advances. New formulas hit the market constantly. As an advantage, it’s considerably more accessible for everyone. Side effects are also rarer than modern medicine’s.

The bad

Allergies and safety hazards are still risks. However, the main issue is the lack of scientific support. The industry lacks regulators. So, safety standards are virtually non-existent. The same goes for result guarantees.

The holistic takeaway

Chinese traditional medicine herbs in a brown background

Medicinal plants have been crucial for modern medicine. Likewise, it’s still a vital alternative for many populations. Chinese traditional medicine can be a lifesaver for anyone these days. That’s especially true if you can trust the products.

And, whom can you trust more than yourself? You could make herbal remedies by yourself. The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies has everything you need. That goes from producing your ingredients to creating remedies.

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