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Cholesterol And Heartburn: Is There A Link Between Them?

Jun 16, 2022Metabolism0 comments

I already talked about gut bacteria and GERD. But, are there other reasons behind heartburn? Are cholesterol and heartburn related?

High cholesterol is quite common. We can say the same about heartburn. But, the two might share a link we’ve ignored for a while. Research lacks considerably. So, let me do my best to illustrate the possibilities.

Are the two related?

What’s the link between cholesterol and heartburn?

Studies have associated high cholesterol and GERD. But, that’s not enough to picture a link between cholesterol and heartburn.

But, as Verywell Health states, cholesterol does aid in bile manufacture. This could be a crucial consideration if we want to picture both issues together.

What happens when there are high cholesterol levels?

Too much cholesterol can cause gallstones. These are stones in the gallbladder, made of hardened cholesterol. But, why does this matter?

It matters because we store bile in the gallbladder. These stones may cause a gallbladder attack. It’s a feeling of intense pain after eating a fatty meal.

Could cholesterol and heartburn be signs of each other?

So, cholesterol stimulates bile production and its storage in the gallbladder. As such, too much cholesterol could result in acid reflux.

Well, that’s the theory. As mentioned, there’s not enough research to support it. And, gallstone symptoms can be quite similar to heartburn. Thus, it feeds into the confusion.

Is there a relationship between cholesterol and heartburn?

According to Dr. Samrat Jankar, obese patients usually experience heartburn caused by cholesterol. Unfortunately, it doesn’t elaborate on how that cause works.

On the other hand, the article makes a solid point explaining the confusion. So, let’s dive into what it has to say.

Understanding high cholesterol

High cholesterol is an accumulation of LDL or low-density lipoprotein. That’s the “bad” cholesterol. High cholesterol rarely shows symptoms.

Yet, it can trigger heart attacks, strokes, and other emergency events. In most cases, regular checks are necessary to assess cholesterol levels.

Understanding heartburn

Curiously, heartburn comes from many cholesterol-rich foods. Fatty and fried foods can cause heartburn. And, they’re high in bad cholesterol.

So, the real link could lie in that both conditions can come from similar lifestyle choices. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re directly related.

Gallstones could be the real answer

As mentioned, gallstones have similar symptoms to heartburn. And, they form in the same place as stomach bile.

So, most of the confusion could come from that. It’s not heartburn, but gallstones. Moreover, similar lifestyle habits make the link a lot more confusing.

But, could acidity be the link between cholesterol and heartburn?

That said, Dr. Nivedita Pandey has a compelling argument. There is a relationship between cholesterol and acidity. People suffering from GERD have higher chances of developing heart diseases.

And, patients with heart disease are more likely to be diagnosed with acid reflux before. The link may come from the heart’s proximity to the esophagus.

In fact, new research suggests that GERD could be a heart disease risk factor.

The holistic takeaway

cholesterol and heartburn man holding his stomach with a flame on the side

Cholesterol and heartburn have very shaky links. They could be related in many ways. But, there are as many ways they couldn’t. More research is definitely necessary to uncover the truth.

That said, lifestyle is crucial in both conditions. Many changes you take against heartburn can improve your cholesterol levels. So, make sure you’re working to prevent both issues.

Acidaburn is a great way to do just that. You can turn your stomach bile into an ally for weight loss.

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