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CLA And Muscle Growth: Is There A Link?

Jun 7, 2022Uncategorized, Weight Loss0 comments

I’ve already covered CLA multiple times in my blog. I talked about its weight loss benefits. And, I’ve reviewed its athletic benefits. But, CLA and muscle growth haven’t been on my radar till recently.

More studies seem to suggest a link between the two. According to some, supplementation sheds body fat. But, it doesn’t decrease overall weight. The main implication is making up for it with new muscle.

But, what’s the truth?

How can CLA and muscle growth relate to each other?

As this study states, CLA could boost lean body mass. Simultaneously, it enhances physical performance. Several studies have demonstrated this, according to the linked article.

These changes may have to do with physiological changes in skeletal muscle. That includes muscle and energy metabolism or muscle fiber type changes. But, we still don’t understand how the mode of action works.

CLA, muscle growth, and fat burning: Two benefits at the same time states that CLA may help you burn fat and gain muscle. CLA and muscle growth may be linked by fat production inhibition. CLA replaces unhealthy fats.

From there, energy expenditure increases. You get to burn existing calories instead of craving for more. That also helps you begin burning fat a lot quicker.

CLA can help you gain muscle while losing weight

Moreover, trials may suggest that muscle growth benefits from CLA. Consuming CLA with a bodybuilding regime can increase body mass.

It’s also worth noting that this increase isn’t due to fat. Instead, the results seem to be around arm girth and muscle gains.

CLA and muscle growth in the bodybuilding space

This article also sheds incredible light on the matter. It points out that CLA reduces body fat significantly. Yet, it barely affects overall body weight.

The lack of change is mostly up for speculation. But, the article suggests that muscle growth might be the reason. Essentially, gaining muscle mass replaced previous fat volumes. Thus, the weight stays the same.

Using CLA during resistance training: What are the results?

CLA and muscle growth are best studied during strength training. In one mentioned study, there was a 1.4 kg lean tissue mass gain. That was only for the CLA-taking group.

And, the study lasted for 7 weeks. Thus, it’s up for speculation what would’ve happened with a longer period. Most likely, the results would’ve been greater. But, it’s a worthwhile consideration.

What do other studies show for CLA and muscle growth?

Finally, studies done on mice have shown promising results. CLA could decrease fat mass despite having a high-fat diet. Moreover, muscle mass increases have been present in mice taking CLA.

Of course, there’s a difference between mice and men. But, as a precursor, these results are promising. That’s especially true when compared with the resistance training study mentioned.

CLA and muscle growth and preservation while dieting

NutraIngredients-USA states that CLA could lead to total and trunk muscle mass increases. Supplementation could also increase lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

The boost in lean muscle mass was also set off by a trend toward fat loss. This effect is typical in CLA supplementation.

The holistic takeaway

cla and muscle growth yellow pills on green background

CLA and muscle growth still require more research. Current results are promising. But, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Of course, the nature and length of the studies may also be a problem.

But, as I said, it’s promising. And, CLA’s weight-loss implications are already enough. It’s a great supplement for any diet and workout regime.

Plus, Lean Belly 3x is one of the best ways to get it. Its formula helps you enhance your physical performance and recovery. Plus, it keeps unhealthy fats away from your body.

To learn how it works, check out my review!


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