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CLA And Weight Loss: Are CLA Benefits Real?

Sep 3, 2021Metabolism0 comments

Conjugated linoleic acid has been famous for a while. CLA and weight loss are synonymous for many. But, does that mean CLA’s benefits are real?

In this article, I’ll show you what science says. If you’re interested, I’ll also recommend an excellent CLA supplement.

CLA and weight loss explained

Essentially, CLA is a fatty acid found in many foods. As WebMD explains, many brands promise huge results. They include weight loss, muscle formation, and diabetes control.

Interestingly, it’s also a trans fatty acid. Despite these compounds’ reputation, CLA is an exception. Yet, I must also note how more research is necessary. Today, CLA has many promoters and detractors.

Multiple CLA benefits

As the linked article details, CLA might go beyond weight. Several studies have suggested heart benefits. For instance, it could prevent atherosclerosis in animals.

However, that’s not everything. CLA seems to boost the immune system. The same goes for possibly preventing certain cancer types. However, most benefits have manifested in animal studies. Human testing is necessary.

Bodyweight vs fat mass

Overall weight loss seems to be quite mediocre. However, it also depends on CLA’s formula percentage. Still, CLA could result in just a few pounds lost monthly.

On the other hand, body fat seems to be the opposite. Many studies have stated that fat loss is where CLA shines. Yet, experts still don’t understand what triggers CLA’s fat and muscle benefits.

Can CLA benefits improve athletic performance?

Lately, CLA has gained support as an athletic enhancer. Luckily, has a great summary of these effects. Firstly, CLA supplementation seems to boost a good diet’s effects.

Firstly, CLA’s metabolic benefits are already considerable. It’ll make the weight more manageable with proper workouts. Yet, we should also consider CLA’s potential muscle metabolism benefits. It can suppress protein breakdown, boosting muscle strength.

Don’t fall for miracle cures

However, CLA is a supplement—not a cure. You shouldn’t fall for any product promising effortless weight loss. CLA is a fantastic addition to any fitness plan. Don’t let anyone convince you it’s more than that.

The holistic takeaway

CLA and weight loss bottle of pills

CLA seems to offer plenty of benefits. Just make sure you stick to supplementation. Don’t rely solely on it. As we always recommend, diet and exercise should always come first.

If you’re already under a program, you might be interested in supplements. In that case, CLA is a great option. Lean Belly 3x is a fantastic supplement in that case. Its simple formula lets you make the most out of your workouts.

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