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CLA Supplements Reviewed: Are There Athletic CLA Benefits?

Sep 29, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

In a previous article, I covered CLA’s benefits. It concluded that CLA can help you lose weight. Yet, it’s much better when coupled with an effective workout routine. Today, we’ll dive into how CLA supplements can help your fitness efforts.

Conjugated linoleic acid is often in beef and dairy. However, it’s a popular dietary supplement thanks to its weight loss potential.

In the end, I’ll also recommend an effective product if you’re interested.

What do we know about CLA supplements?

CLA supplements are common, with promises including stronger muscle metabolism and fat burning. However, the claims tend to encompass more complex benefits. For instance, some believe it enhances immunity and cholesterol.

Unfortunately, evidence is considerably conflicting among studies. As such, we’re better off sticking to its popular benefits. They tend to enjoy stronger scientific support.

CLA benefits

CLA benefits mainly relate to weight loss and overall fitness. Naturally, products often combine it with caffeine to enhance its athletic effects. Yet, we can’t restrict its benefits to weight loss alone.

For instance, CLA boosts testosterone production. This matters because of this hormone’s physical implications. Testosterone levels seem to correlate with athletic performance. That’s crucial for competitive athletics. Yet, it aids regular exercise as well.

CLA also shows promising weight loss benefits. But, research hasn’t shown the inherent mechanism. In some cases, it appears to suppress appetite.

Are there side effects?

Thankfully, CLA typically fails to manifest negative side effects. Its metabolism occurs in the liver. Thus, high amounts could be detrimental for patients with liver diseases.

That said, most of its negative effects relate to interactions with drugs. For instance, CLA seems to delay blood clotting. As such, it could enhance anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory medication.

Likewise, it could interact with ibuprofen, dalteparin, diclofenac, and clopidogrel.

CLA supplements and obesity: Is there a link?

Naturally, many studies have focused on CLA’s ability to reduce weight. For instance, this literature review focuses on its link with obesity. As it explains, research has reported it can reduce adiposity. Simultaneously, it seems to boost lean mass—or muscle.

That said, most studies have focused on animal trials, mainly mice. When considering humans, the effects become confusing. Science hasn’t reached a consensus on whether it can shed weight.

Yet, it’s worth noting that results aim both ways. Some suggest the benefits are real. Others do the opposite.

What about muscle metabolism among CLA benefits?

On the other hand, this study shares interesting insights. Researchers have shown a strong link between CLA supplementation and muscle growth. Naturally, that extends to physical performance in many areas.

It could relate to the skeletal muscle’s physiological changes. That includes fiber type transformation and overall metabolism.

Again, it’s unclear how CLA can benefit these areas. Yet, the link is quite strong. CLA does seem to reduce body fat while improving lean mass.

CLA benefits can help your fitness routine

Now, let’s forget about body fat strictly for a moment. This study shows promise about CLA supplements’ benefits for athletes. Curiously, it opens by suggesting that most research focuses on obese patients.

Instead, we could be paying attention to athletes.

The study included CLA supplementation on 10 male athletes. In the end, bodyweight variation increased considerably. The opposite occurred to body fat percentage variation.

The study’s results suggest that CLA supplements can benefit several athletic areas. They mainly include increasing endurance.

The holistic takeaway

cla supplements woman jogging

When discussing CLA supplements, I believe we can’t judge them on their own. No fitness program should focus on supplementation. There’s no miracle cure.

Instead, we should aim for a holistic approach. In that case, CLA poses as an ally for fitness efforts.

With that in mind, I want to point you toward Lean Belly 3x. Its formula focuses on improving physical performance and body weight. It can provide the energy you need before starting the day.

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