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Cleanse Diets: What You Need To Know Before Trying Detox Diets!

Jul 22, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

Today, we’re going back to the worst diets of 2021. This time, I’m tackling the popular cleanse diets. According to proponents, they help you clear toxins. However, do detox diets deliver on those promises?

This article will answer those questions. That said, I’m not here just to dissolve your hopes. I also have a great alternative to these diets!

What are detox diets?

As usual, we can rely on WebMD’s definition. These diets promise detoxifying your body. You essentially stick to drinking juices and other liquids. The idea is “flushing” harmful toxins from your system. Naturally, it’s not a long-term diet.

Cleanse diets are a little more complicated

These diets are more complex than fasting. The latter merely refers to ceasing meals altogether. They last for less than cleanse diets. Cleansing still allows for some nutrition to reach the body. It also has health implications. Fasting is typically spiritual.

How do they work?

They’re considerably light. Some allow for salads and similar meals. However, most of them restrict you to liquids. Fruit juices make vitamin C a staple in these diets. Normally, you drink something now and then. The goal is to subdue hunger.

Is there evidence behind them?

Unfortunately, there’s little scientific support. The only benefit is preventing ketosis. You can check out my keto diet review for the definition. However, the diet isn’t good for weight loss. You’ll lose some weight. Yet, you’ll gain it back quickly after finishing.

Are the health benefits behind cleanse diets real?

Unfortunately, experts agree that there’s not enough research supporting them. Furthermore, these diets often include fasting. Both approaches can disrupt our bodies considerably. Moreover, our body doesn’t need help detoxifying.

Where do allegations come from?

Many people claim they feel better after detoxing. However, that’s not necessarily because of the diet’s claims. This sensation can come from other sources. For instance, they could result from merely eliminating junk food.

Can detox diets do more harm than good?

We can simplify things by saying “yes.” Detox diets severely limit your nutrition. Sure, they eliminate junk food. Unfortunately, they also eliminate crucial nutrients. Protein limitation can cause fatigue. Long-term cleansing can translate into nutrient deficiencies.

How effective are cleanse diets?

As you might guess, they’re not very effective. Healthline has an excellent breakdown of these programs. Some people get more vitamins than before dieting. However, a balanced diet still offers these benefits. However, it doesn’t disrupt your system.

Detox diets and weight loss

You can lose considerable weight with detox diets. You’re essentially fasting, thus eating less. However, I already mentioned the problem. Most people recover their previous weight after the diet. It’s a “quick fix” that wears out.

Stress implications

Fasting causes stress. Detox diets are quite similar. So, stress is a common symptom while following this diet. Luckily, cognitive performance rarely changes with fasting. Nevertheless, it can add to daily stress.

The main problem

The fundamental issue is the same as other diets. Cleanse diets neglect too many nutrients. However, it’s worse than other diets. We can’t classify detox programs as traditional diets. They’re more akin to moderate fasting.

The main problem: Cleanse diets’ foundations

As mentioned, these diets’ issue isn’t related to how we tackle them. From the ground up, they have inherent flaws. We can summarize them into one sentence. Cleanse diets flush toxins out of our bodies. However, they might not even do that.

Lack of scientific support behind detox diets

In fact, science contradicts detox diets’ claims. We simply can’t live on few calories and no nutrients. All initial benefits cancel out when fatigue and stress set in. The benefits of “detoxifying” suffer from its implications.

Juices aren’t steady nutrient sources

Finally, we must talk about juices’ nutritional values. They’re very low. That summarizes almost everything. We must remember that juices weren’t “healthy foods” a while ago. Today, they’re a good vitamin source and little more.

The holistic takeaway

Cleanse diets aren’t effective because they focus on restriction. That’s why most detox diets fail to yield long-term results. Thankfully, there’s a similar diet that works much better for weight loss.

I’m talking about The Smoothie Diet. It offers a nice twist to traditional liquid diets without killing nutrition. If you’re interested in learning more, check it out here!


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