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Commensal Bacteria: Pathogenic Bacteria Or Vital Allies?

Jul 30, 2021Metabolism0 comments

Bacteria might sound bad. However, our bodies depend on these microorganisms. Your gut bacteria are largely responsible for your metabolism. For some experts, they’re as vital as the best ingredients around.

However, let’s not confuse them with pathogenic bacteria. On the contrary, this microbiota helps you fight pathogens. On the other hand, they often need your help. Nutrition has a huge role in maintaining it.

Today, I want to show you a study I found a few weeks ago. It covers commensal bacteria and their immune role.

Likewise, I’d like to point you toward a great product for their health. Make sure to read until the end to find out!

Commensal bacteria and pathogenic bacteria protection

There’s little research behind microbiota’s respiratory benefits. However, some studies have shed light on the subject. For instance, oral microbiota can prevent middle ear infections. Several medications employ these organisms.

As such, they’re a promising treatment opportunity. There’s also little risk of overdoing it. They’re easy and safe for containing infections. Some pathogenic bacteria can also be healthy. Yet, these require more care.

Mechanisms related to commensal bacteria

The underlying mechanisms are still somewhat obscure. Interactions with respiratory pathogens are the main case. However, the study mentions a couple of mechanisms. I’ll summarize them below.

Host immunity

Host-mediated immunity is crucial for gut and lung bacteria. It plays a huge role in their protection against lung infection. Unfortunately, identifying their contributions is challenging. That’s because this microbiota is the most diverse.

Adaptive and innate immunity are also worthy considerations. Defects in these areas often evade commensal bacteria signals. However, it’s still a hypothesis.

We can only be sure that these organisms are relevant. Altered gut microbiota often results in a higher infection risk.

Direct action against pathogenic bacteria

Direct action refers to how microbiota interacts with pathogens. Competition is typical. Nutrient competition creates a natural conflict between these bacteria. However, some commensals have more novel mechanisms.

For instance, they can disrupt problematic biofilms. They can also generate antimicrobial resources. Therefore, commensal bacteria have a vital immune role. Their action mechanisms can vary and be quite complex.

The holistic takeaway

Commensal bacteria descriptive image

Commensal bacteria offer vital protection against multiple pathogens. We can’t get rid of them. Moreover, doing so would be a health risk. They offer natural protection against pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, you must consider them for a holistic approach to health. That’s why I’d like to recommend a great product.

Acidaburn takes a novel approach to weight loss. It provides crucial nutrients for your gut bacteria. However, it does more than optimizing your metabolism. Aiding this microbiota yields more benefits than weight control.

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