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Computer Vision Syndrome: How To Protect Your Eye Health

Sep 17, 2021Vision0 comments

Today, you’ll learn the basics of computer vision syndrome. In this digital age, we spend most of our time watching screens. That’s crucial for modern jobs. Yet, it can cause serious damage to your eyes.

In this article, you’ll learn how to prevent that. I’ll also share an outstanding product to help your sight.

What is computer vision syndrome?

As WebMD describes, computers demand repetitive motion. That’s because our eyes follow patterns while working. That includes constant refocusing and moving back and forth. Thus, it gets harder as our eye lenses lose flexibility.

How to know if your eye health is deteriorating

Symptoms are easily noticeable. You’ve probably experienced several without having an eye condition. The most common signs include:

  • Double or blurry vision.
  • Red or irritated eyes (from dryness).
  • Headaches, neck, and back pain.

First-hand eye health treatment

Essentially, resting is the best medicine in most cases. You should take breaks and change your settings. The goal is to make your eyes as comfortable as possible. Moreover, switching your lighting and monitor position can help.

How can you prevent computer vision syndrome?

Now, let’s go through Eye Health’s computer vision prevention. Applying their tips takes a few minutes at most. Yet, they can offer fantastic results in the long term.


Firstly, you must mind your blinking. It allows our eyes to hydrate. Computer vision typically comes from dryness. That tends to be because we link less when focused on screens.


Likewise, don’t stare at the screen for too long. Make sure to take breaks quite often. Ideally, you want to stare at far objects and blink for about half a minute. That’ll allow your eyes to refocus and rest.

Change settings

Screen brightness can wreck your eye health. As such, keep it at the same level as your room’s lighting. Bright blue light tires your eyes faster. You can find blue light filters with a simple Google search. They can offer outstanding help.

Seek professional help

Finally, don’t neglect seeing a professional. You should visit an eye care specialist periodically. That’s especially true if you work with computers.

The holistic takeaway

computer vision syndrome ABC on a tablet and glasses on the bottom

Eye health can be delicate. Computer vision syndrome can hinder it without you noticing. Luckily, these easy tips can help you keep it in top shape.

For more help, you should check out ReVision. This supplement focuses on your eye-brain connection. Many users have reported outstanding results after ongoing treatment.

To learn more, you can check out my official review.


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