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The Famous Detox Diet: Do Detox Drinks At Home Help You

Aug 25, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

I already covered the basics of detox diets. If you’re here to learn what they are, check out that article. Today, we’re covering a different perspective.

Detox diets sell as wonder cures for your liver. Yet, the truth is a little more complicated. In this article, we’ll focus solely on their liver benefits.

Naturally, I’ll also show you a great alternative.

Are detox diets helpful?

Firstly, let’s go to WebMD for this answer. The answer is quite simple: they can help. However, they’re not the miracle treatment some people think.

However, we’ll go through their specific benefits later. For now, let’s answer a few basic questions.

Can detox drinks at home hurt you?

Detoxes can be harmful in excess. Many common ingredients can harm your liver when overdone. Make sure to learn about ingredients and specific risks. Likewise, don’t consume any recipe in excess. Balanced diets are still your priority.

Do they really cleanse your liver?

There’s not enough research to confirm this benefit. Detox diets often feel good because of their recipes. You’re not eating unhealthy meals. However, detox diets don’t have proven liver benefits.

What does science say about detox diets?

This time, we’ll revisit Everyday Health for the answers. Unfortunately, research doesn’t quite back liver cleanses. Now, some “cleansing” ingredients have merit. Yet, they focus on supporting your body’s defenses.

Instead, traditional detox diets promise too much. A balanced diet with plenty of greens is enough. Health hacks and treatments aren’t necessary for detox.

Detox drinks at home and sustainability

The main issue with most detox diets is nutrition. That’s true even when making detox drinks at home. Juices pack a vitamin punch. Yet, that’s not enough to keep a sustainable long-term diet.

What about detox smoothies?

Detox smoothies are a lot better. They offer more nutrients than mere juices. You can find protein and fiber in many recipes. However, you can’t live on smoothies forever. They’re a great alternative, but not a meal substitute.

Understanding liver cleanses: Detox diet’s essence

Finally, let’s go back to the basics. Detox diets focus on cleansing your liver. That’s their be-all and end-all. Thus, we must discuss how they affect your liver health. Luckily, we have Healthline to help us here.

They’re not necessary

Some detox ingredients offer solid benefits. For instance, turmeric aids against inflammation and diseases. However, that doesn’t mean detox drinks are necessary. They’re just a small, healthy boost.

Some can help you shed weight

Detox diets aren’t crucial for losing weight. They don’t even offer significant weight loss benefits. However, detox drinks are great for diminishing calorie intake. Replacing unhealthy meals and beverages is also effective.

They’re not a liver disease miracle cure

Liver cleanses lack scientific support. Most liver diseases come from alcohol abuse. Detox diets don’t cleanse alcohol from your liver. They also don’t fight viruses and other risk factors. If anything, they just replace alcohol.

They don’t revert liver damage

Finally, detox diets don’t revert the damage. However, replacing unhealthy habits lets your liver recover. Detox programs often include habits that benefit your liver. Yet, it’s not strictly a diet’s effect.

The holistic takeaway

Detox diet glass with herbs

Detox diet drinks at home won’t make a big difference. However, their general benefits might be enough to try them. There’s no risk in taking them now and then. Just make sure you’re not neglecting your diet.

If you want some recipes, I’ve got a great product. The Smoothie Diet is a great recipe book. It offers countless smoothie types for different purposes. You can even find detox smoothies to complement your diet.

For more information, check out my review here!


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