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Do Eggs Raise Cholesterol? The Truth About Eggs And Cholesterol

Feb 18, 2022Heart Health0 comments

Today, almost everyone knows that too many eggs are bad for your cholesterol. But, besides their link with fried foods, that’s not quite true. Do eggs raise cholesterol? Sure, but there’s always a “but.”

I’ve always had an issue with eggs and cholesterol. They’re typically listed as a superfood for good reason. They’re packed with vitamins and other nutrients.

So, what’s the truth here?

Do eggs raise cholesterol? The question that harms eggs’ reputation

Eggs are amazing. No one can deny it. Experts used to warn against eating too many. But, their reputation changed over the years. Today, experts rarely say you shouldn’t eat too many eggs.

How high is cholesterol in eggs?

Yes and no, eggs CAN be high in cholesterol. But, everything is in the yolk. If you’re extremely worried about cholesterol, avoid that.

Still, it’s more about what you eat besides cholesterol. Most people complement eggs with saturated fats. That’s what you should avoid.

Do eggs raise cholesterol dangerously?

Eggs are incredible for protein and vitamins. And, their effects on cholesterol aren’t the same as other foods’. Again, it has a lot to do with their saturated fat content.

Moreover, studies aren’t clear on the negative effects. We tend to eat eggs with bacon, ham, and other harmful foods.

Do eggs raise cholesterol healthily?

Of course, you should always consume cholesterol with care. When eating eggs, you must be mindful of how you do so. Eating them with cholesterol-rich foods is a bad idea. Likewise, their preparation also plays a huge role.

Is there a limit to how many eggs raise cholesterol?

Most experts recommend about 6 or 7 eggs per week. But, this number varies depending on how you make and complement them. Other conditions—like diabetes—also change this amount.

The holistic takeaway

do eggs raise cholesterol egg carton in a table next to a whisk

So, do eggs raise cholesterol? Yes, they can. But, the answer is much more complex than that. There’s little reason to get rid of eggs in your diet.

After all, health is rarely about avoiding nutrients. Cholesterol can be great for you. So, focus more on balancing your meals. Radical choices are rarely optimal for your health.

Instead, learn how to manage your bad cholesterol. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is a great start. It’s a great ally to learn how to manage the real bad cholesterol.

To learn how it works, check out my review!


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