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Drinking And Fat – Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

Oct 10, 2022Metabolism0 comments

We often ignore the influence of what we drink and our health. We focus so much on food that we forget drinks. For instance, soft drinks, especially cola drinks, can mess with your bones. Drinking and fat is one example we’ll cover today.

Some drinks can even help you lose weight. For instance, tea can be a great workout ally. However, many people believe that drinking alcohol makes you gain weight. But, people often dismiss it as a myth.

In reality, there’s more truth to that than you might think.

How could drinking and fat relate to each other?

The link between drinking and fat is quite complex. Alcohol consumption itself has been conflicting in studies. Some have found both positive and negative associations. Likewise, some demographics have different responses to alcohol in weight.

That said, beer appears to be the main culprit. When considering alcohol’s weight implications, behavior is important. From what to how much you drink is important. Likewise, your eating habits while drinking also play a role.

How does alcohol mess with body fat metabolism?

According to, alcohol disrupts how your body burns fat. That’s because alcohol is different from other nutrients. Our digestive system has to work harder to eliminate it from the body. Thus, it prioritizes alcohol removal above any other nutrient.

That’s important when eating something while drinking. When doing so, the nutrient uptake would decrease consistently. After all, alcohol is a toxin. So, carbs, fat, and proteins aren’t as important when eliminating alcohol.

That’s different from the “beer belly” belief. Alcohol’s calories rarely turn into fat. The main issue is how alcohol interrupts your metabolism. That’s what leads to weight gain.

Other ways drinking and fat work together

Now, metabolic speed is the main issue with drinking and fat. But, that’s not the only way it can mess with your weight. As mentioned, alcohol isn’t just something you consume. It causes behavioral alterations as well.

So, we must also look at how alcohol changes your body and behavior. Below, I’ll summarize Insider’s ways alcohol sabotages your weight loss.

You feel hungrier

Firstly, alcohol affects your appetite. It often leads people to snack more. That increases how many calories you get. Alcohol has plenty of energy. But, it doesn’t satiate you as other foods. So, you end up eating more when drinking.

You get distracted from your health

That said, you won’t necessarily go for a salad when drinking. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. So, you’re more likely to make poor eating decisions. Also, alcohol’s physical effects tend to distract you from working out.

It packs a lot of calories

As I mentioned, alcohol has a lot of calories. Beer is the worst out of liquor types. Cocktails often boost that caloric content considerably. Sure, most calories don’t turn into fat. But, it still ramps up your daily calorie intake.

It disrupts your hormone balance

Finally, alcohol can mess with your endocrine system. That includes cortisol levels, as well as testosterone and estrogen. These effects can cause weight gain issues.

The debate around drinking and fat

After all I’ve said, there’s one issue. Alcohol’s weight implications aren’t entirely clear. Despite all the mentioned effects, research has shown contradicting results.

For instance, intermittent drinking might cause more weight gain. That’s because heavy drinkers don’t imply a link between drinking and fat. Moreover, alcohol seems to trigger weight loss in some people.

drinking and fat - hand pouring a beer in a glass

The holistic takeaway

Drinking and fat have a complicated link. It’s not as easy as saying that alcohol makes you gain weight. But, we must account for more than alcohol’s nutritional value. There’s a lot around drinking that can mess with your weight loss habits.

That’s why an effective strategy for burning fat is crucial. So, I recommend you check out The Fat Burning Kitchen. It’s a diet plan that focuses on burning fat specifically, as quickly as possible.

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