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Eating And Working Out: Why You Feel Hungrier

Feb 16, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

Eating and working out are the two fitness pillars. But, they seem to have an opposite relationship. Many believe you must eat less and work out more.

Sadly, this misconception often causes unnecessary frustration.

The truth is much more complicated. Real experts will tell you that eating more is common when working out.

So, why does that happen? What’s normal and what isn’t?

Let’s find out.

Essentially, your workouts should dictate how you eat. You need to balance your calorie intake, sure. Yet, the link goes beyond that.

You need proteins for your muscles. Carbs are crucial for energy before working out.

Thus, finding what works best for you is a lengthy process that demands dedication.

Your goals dictate how you handle eating and working out

Not everyone has the same goals when working out. Some people want to lose weight. But, others actually need to gain weight. This variation means not everyone benefits from the same strategies.

Of course, balance should always be a priority

Not everyone has access to a nutritionist or fitness specialist. And, that’s fine. You can achieve lots by merely listening to your body. Adjust your diet if you’re not moving toward your weight goals.

But, should you worry about eating and working out?

The answer is “yes and no.” Exercise affects your appetite because your body requires more nutrients. So, you shouldn’t worry about having to eat more than before.

But, you must worry about what you’re adding to your diet. Naturally, sugar and junk food aren’t ideal to make up for your increased appetite.

You’ll need more energy if you’re working out

Though, there’s one truth. Exercise makes you spend more energy than usual. So, eating and working out tend to increase with time. In summary, you must make up for that extra energy expenditure.

How can you balance eating and working out healthily?

So, you can’t ignore your body’s new needs. But, you must be responsible with how you cope with them.

It might sound tough. Yet, a few guidelines can go a long way to ease your time. Below, you’ll find 5 easy tips to follow.

Pay attention to your body

Firstly, your body knows what it needs. You’re feeling hungrier because it demands more energy. While you shouldn’t overdo it, never neglect these signs.

Prioritize proper nutrition

As I mentioned, that doesn’t mean eating anything. You need to eat more, but also better. So, ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. Balance is still the main goal.

Timing is crucial

As I’ve covered already, you must plan what and when you eat. But, you should also plan your workout schedule around your meals. That way, you can ensure you have enough to eat when you’re the hungriest.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is also vital for avoiding cravings. We often confuse real hunger with dehydration. Moreover, drinking enough water is vital for any workout. So, don’t skimp on it!

Take a healthy workout snack

Finally, a workout snack can be a lifesaver. It’ll calm your hunger. But, it can also save you if you feel weak after working out. Just make sure you’re going for a natural snack or smoothie.

The holistic takeaway

eating and working out - pimenton grapped with a soft tape measure

Now, you know that eating and working out can grow together. In most cases, you’ll have to adjust your eating habits. But, you also must understand that it might mean eating more.

After all, it depends on your weight and goals.

That’s why professional assistance can be vital for any fitness plan. It’s also why I recommend The Cinderella Solution. It’s a comprehensive approach to working out and eating properly.

To learn more, check out my official review!


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