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How Are Your Mind And Body Connected? Emotions And Body Pain

Jun 3, 2021Balance Mind Body and Soul0 comments

The connection between mind and body has received lots of attention recently. Our lives have become hectic, and the pandemic strengthened that feeling. We don’t go out as much anymore. However, we’re considerably more stressed than before.

You’ve probably felt pain lately. It doesn’t have to be chronic or in a particular area. Emotions and body pain relate more than you think.

Today, we’ll go through why we experience physical pain from emotions.

Pain doesn’t always have an obvious source

We feel emotions similar to how we feel pain. However, they’re not always mutually exclusive. Mind and body pain usually intertwine, and the symptoms tend to overlap. This Healthline article about a personal story sheds light on the matter.

It details how the author failed to find the source of their pain. She went to several healthcare specialists. All of them failed to assess what caused the pain. Eventually, the physical symptoms turned out not to be physical in origin.

Discovering physical pain from emotions

Inevitably, she discovered the connection between emotions and pain. As she obsessed with her pain, it worsened. Increased stress typically yielded the same results. You can probably infer the rest of her situation.

She had trouble sleeping and unresolved issues from her past. Anxiety and anger were also common emotions. Her mind and body pain were more than related. Their relationship was cause and effect.

Treating the root of your pain

Treating physical pain from emotions is similar to regular pain. You don’t treat the symptoms; you focus on the origin. Joint pain usually demands anti-inflammatory medication. Stomach ache resolves after you’ve treated digestive complications, viruses, or bacteria.

The same holds for psychologically rooted pain. The solution is to treat the underlying emotional issues behind it.

Therapy is often the best approach. You must identify what’s causing your emotional distress. Treating that will bring peace and lower your physical discomfort.

How are different emotions and body pain related?

Naturally, emotional pain comes from human emotions. They may come from anywhere: internal or external actions. Mental health conditions usually cause these emotions as well. Nevertheless, mentally “stable” people can still experience physical pain from emotions.

Not all emotions are similar. We perceive them differently. They’re psychologically and physically diverse.

Anxiety usually feels like a knot in your stomach. On the other hand, depression tends to manifest as extreme fatigue. This article explains the relationship almost perfectly.


Prolonged sadness (as in depression) can cause secondary physical signs. Depression itself won’t likely manifest via pain. However, lying in bed for a long time or substance abuse often result in pain.


Anger releases adrenaline, tensing your muscles. It prepares your fight response in front of danger. However, anger issues make this tension commonplace. In the long term, you can experience physical discomfort.


Anxiety is similar to anger in that it releases adrenaline. Therefore, the results are often the same. You can’t relax or feel too tense. Stomach discomfort is also common in anxiety patients.


Finally, guilt and shame feel a lot like anxiety. You can feel a knot in your stomach, which you may confuse with something else. Shame usually leads to substance abuse, worsening the physical symptoms.

The holistic takeaway

Mind and body pain share a link that deserves more research and knowledge. Don’t fret if your healthcare practitioner can’t find your pain’s cause. There might simply not be any physical factor at play there.

Furthermore, emotions and body pain strengthen our main message. Your health requires care on all fronts. Our mind, body, and soul share an intimate connection. Prioritize peace of mind and emotional stability.

You’ll quickly see how your life improves.


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