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Everyday Hearing Loss Causes: 5 Common Issues You Don’t Know

Mar 9, 2022Hearing Loss0 comments

I’ve talked about regular habits to lower tinnitus. But, what’s the opposite of that? Are there everyday hearing loss causes?

Hearing loss can affect your daily life. But, your daily life can also impact your hearing. We’re used to loud noise. Traffic, music, and even lawn-mowing can harm us.

But, 4 hidden causes often get ignored by most people.

Everyday hearing loss causes are all around us

Work-related noise is a common hearing loss factor. But, it’s far from the only one. From traffic noise to leaf blowers can impact our hearing.

That’s why tinnitus and other issues are so prevalent. It can feel impossible to escape when you realize where they come from.

It mainly depends on how much you expose yourself

But, exposure to hearing loss causes doesn’t mean you’ll lose your hearing. Most noise sources can cause damage after a minute or hours of constant exposure.

So, measuring this exposure and resting is vital. In most cases, taking a break can be enough to protect your hearing.

5 Mechanisms behind everyday hearing loss causes you don’t know about

This study details 4 hearing-cognition mechanisms. Essentially, it goes through 5 reasons. But, we must note that these mechanisms likely work in tandem.

In other words, they probably don’t work alone. In most cases, we can assume that at least a couple is behind the problem.

On the other hand, further research might be necessary.


Firstly, diagnosis issues are fairly common with hearing impairment. They range from misdiagnosis to a lack of understanding from patients. Moreover, hearing loss also messes with many tests. For instance, following test instructions can become harder.

Neural degeneration

Neural degeneration is common with age. That’s why vision, hearing, and cognition also decrease with age. They also correlate. So, hearing could be a risk factor for cognitive decline. That suggests that neural degeneration could affect most senses.

Sensory degradation and deprivation

Then, we must assess how the brain works with sound. Hearing loss lowers the information quality it receives. In other words, these inputs degrade. This sensorial deprivation could cause brain atrophy. The result is the same: cognitive decline.

Cognitive resource depletion

We can think of cognition as a resource pool. Hearing, tasting, and other senses share “resources.” In a way, other senses might hog these resources. Some conditions might also reduce the “available resources.”

Social isolation and depression

Finally, hearing loss can take a toll on our social lives. Social events and noise demand more from our cognitive performance. So, hearing-impaired people are more likely to withdraw. This social isolation can result in depression and other emotional turmoil.

How can you avoid everyday hearing loss causes?

Luckily, you can do a lot to prevent hearing loss. The first step is identifying what’s loud. Then, you can take a few approaches:

  1. Pay attention to your body. If you start hearing a ring or stuffed ear, it’s time to withdraw.
  2. Don’t stress your hearing too much. So, avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises. That includes concerts and even gyms.
  3. Get used to low volumes. Don’t blast your ears with your headphones. It’s actually a huge hearing loss cause.

The holistic takeaway

everyday hearing loss causes pair of headphones in white background

Everyday hearing loss causes can be hard to avoid. That’s especially true when we don’t know where they come from. Luckily, identifying these factors is a vital first step.

The second step is acting on them. Seek professional help and focus on understanding what’s going on.

Moreover, supplementation can be a huge addition. That’s why I recommend Synapse XT. This supplement focus on how our brain translates hearing. So, it tackles both fronts at once.

To learn more about it, make sure you check out my review!


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