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Exercise And Diabetes: Are Diabetes And Weight Loss Related?

Jul 26, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

I’ve covered weight loss extensively. For instance, I’ve gone through how depression can slow it down. Yet, I haven’t covered diabetes and weight loss. Today, I’m reverting that. We’ll go through the relationship between exercise and diabetes.

This debate has been extensive. Discussions are plentiful. And, a consensus seems to be lacking overall. Can we shed some light on the matter?

That’s what I’ll try in this article. Additionally, I’ll present a great product to help insulin sensitivity. Make sure to read until the end for it!

The relationship between diabetes and weight loss

Thankfully, Healthline has explained the issue extensively. There’s a reciprocal relationship between the two. Diabetes can shift your weight and vice-versa. For instance, type 1 diabetes often causes weight loss.

On the other hand, obesity increases type 2 diabetes chances. Nevertheless, weight loss can aid patients with these conditions.

Does diabetes cause weight loss?

Unintended weight loss is a common symptom of both types of diabetes. It’s more common with type 1 diabetes. The body burns muscle and fat for energy instead of sugar.

Diabetes and weight loss: Is it negative?

Now, that doesn’t mean that losing weight is bad for diabetic patients. For type 2 cases, weight loss offers many benefits. Firstly, it decreases insulin resistance. Consequentially, it improves mood and energy levels.

Finally, it decreases the risk of diabetic complications. Those include heart and kidney diseases. Furthermore, losing weight can balance blood sugar levels.

What should you know about exercise and diabetes?

Physical activity is a huge benefit for overall health. However, does diabetes’ weight implications change that? The answer is “not really.” Physical activity is a common recommendation for diabetic patients.

However, different routines offer certain benefits. Thankfully, the American Diabetes Association has an outstanding breakdown. Let’s go through the three categories they explain.


Aerobic exercise boosts insulin sensitivity, immune function, and cardiac output. The latter is vital for diabetic patients. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular complications. The results also vary depending on the type of diabetes.


Diabetes lowers muscular strength. Additionally, it accelerates general muscle deterioration. Therefore, resistance training offsets these conditions. Hypoglycemia is another considerable benefit. Again, the results vary with type 1 and 2 diabetes.


Finally, we have the flexibility and balance exercises. They become crucial for older patients. These workouts help offset joint mobility limitations. As a common diabetes complication, they can be life-changing.

What about glucose, exercise, and diabetes?

Finally, let’s go through exercise’s benefits for insulin sensitivity. As you may know, not all exercise results in weight loss. However, glucose metabolism still benefits patients regardless of fitness results.

Again, we’ll go to the American Diabetes Association for answers. It’s also worth noting that metabolic benefits are temporary. They dissipate after a couple of days post-exercise. As such, regular workouts are crucial for effective treatments.

Glucose metabolism with exercise

The mechanisms behind glucose metabolism benefits are still unclear. However, moderate-intensity workouts can boost glucose uptake by 40%. That said, it’s crucial to maintain constancy. That way, patients can offset the quick decrease post-workout.

Diabetes and weight loss: Is losing weight necessary?

That’s a tricky question. The original article suggests that body weight mediates these interactions. However, maintaining weight during exercise could increase glucose and lipid metabolism.

The holistic takeaway

Exercise and diabetes Sugar Spoon

As usual, working out is an excellent solution for anyone. That goes regardless of any medical condition. However, it’s twice as important for patients with diabetes or similar conditions.

If you’re working out as a treatment, I have a great recommendation. Lean Belly 3x is an outstanding weight loss supplement. It doesn’t merely help you lose weight. Its formula focuses on improving insulin sensitivity.

For more information, you can check out my review here!


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