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Exercise And Memory – How To Improve Your Memory Effectively

Jul 5, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

Exercise and your memory share an interesting link. We can add that to the many benefits of working out. I’ve already covered how to improve your memory with nutrition. Today, we’ll take the other side.

Exercise has a plethora of psychological benefits. Naturally, these improvements extend to your memory. But how intimate is the link?

That’s what you’ll learn.

Can exercise help your memory?

According to the Harvard Medical School, it can. Exercise offers various cognitive skills. That includes general thinking. Moreover, your learning skills and memory improve. Experts suggest that it encourages blood vessel growth in your brain.

Direct benefits

Exercise could directly change your brain. The brain regions related to cognition tend to be larger in physically active people. Engaging in exercise correlates with this growth.

Indirect benefits

Furthermore, exercise improves our sleep and mood. Both areas are vital for a healthy memory. Issues on these fronts often lead to cognitive impairment,

Are some exercises better?

Aerobic exercises seem to be more effective. For instance, walking has received more scientific research with promising results. However, there isn’t a clear winner for the best exercises for memory.

Building habits

The ideal method is to build a habit. Walking for half an hour daily is a fantastic start. From there, you can incorporate other workouts.

The main link between exercise and memory: Your mood

This study dives into how your mood boosts or hinders your memory. Why does that matter? If exercise improves your mood, the same goes for your memory. As such, let’s see how your mood and memory relate.

Emotions and cognition

Cognitive neuroscience has paid more attention to emotional states. Human emotions help us mark certain events as important. We pay more attention to situations that trigger strong emotions.

How can your mood impact memory?

Everyone remembers their best or worst days. As such, we can relate our memory with intense emotions. These emotions translate into moods, which last longer. Positive emotions motivate learning in students. A pleasant mood can make experiences easier to remember.

Exercise directly improves your mood

As we mentioned, exercise can benefit your mood. That’s crucial because of its implications with cognition. The Better Health Channel has a great introduction. Therefore, let’s dissect how working out can improve your mood.

Physiological benefits are real

Exercise boosts your energy levels. It can also increase serotonin and endorphin levels. These hormones improve and regulate your mood. It also lets you shed stress via physical activity.

Current evidence

Physically active people show fewer depression and anxiety signs. Furthermore, exercise is an effective treatment by itself. It can be as effective as anti-depressants. Aerobic and strength training have similar benefits.

Outdoors are better

Finally, focus on working out in exteriors. Sunlight helps you feel energized. It also minimizes screen time while exposing you to nature. Both factors have positive results on your mood.

How can you tie your exercise and memory?

Finally, let’s go back to exercise and memory. I’ll break down how to improve your memory with exercise. Again, the Harvard Medical School has a great explanation. What can we learn from their advice?

Focus on the habit

Ideally, you aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise. However, even half that time can help you as long as you’re consistent. The main obstacle is getting used to working out.

Build up your workouts

As you develop the habit, add more to it. Try reaching the 30-minute mark eventually. Moreover, consider including other exercises in your daily routine. Variety will make exercise more interesting.

Find alternatives

Lastly, you don’t have to settle for one physical activity. If you don’t like walking or jogging, don’t worry. Cycling can be just as efficient. On the other hand, joining a sports or fitness club can be an excellent change.

The holistic takeaway

Workouts and your memory share a close link. Learning how to improve your memory is a holistic strategy. As such, you must tackle various fronts effectively. Exercise and nutrition are the basics.

However, you should also review your sleep schedule. Proper sleep also does wonders for your mood.

Similarly, a good sleep supplement can do wonders for you. Make sure to look at our recommendation!


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