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Exercise and Oxidized Cholesterol – What Can You Do?

Mar 30, 2023Heart Health0 comments

I’ve already covered exercise’s cholesterol benefits. Essentially, aerobic activity can lower cholesterol. But, exercise can also create oxidative stress in the body. So, is there a link between exercise and oxidized cholesterol?

In case you don’t know, oxidized cholesterol is the real problem. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is prone to oxidation. When this happens, we run into the issues associated with bad cholesterol. That includes atherosclerosis, heart risk, and more.

So, can exercise help or worsen it? Let’s find out.

Effects of exercise on oxidized cholesterol in obese elderly patients

This study.) ran a 12-week exercise program in obese patients. It evaluated the program’s effects on oxidized LDL’s plasma levels. Moreover, it focused on obese elderly women. It assigned 20 participants to a control and exercise program.

The program ran for 3 days per week. It combined aerobic and resistance training, as well as Korean dance. The results showed that the ratio between HDL and oxidized LDL differed afterward. The exercise group showed higher HDL levels. And, oxidized LDL was also lower.

This suggests that exercise can improve the cholesterol profile of obese elderly women. Simultaneously, that translates into lower cardiovascular disease risks.

How exercise affects oxidized LDL and HDL in coronary artery disease

Now, let’s look at another study. This one tested exercise and oxidized cholesterol in a different group. This time, we have coronary artery disease patients. Additionally, some of them were also type-2 diabetes patients.

The program took place over two years this time. It evaluated its effects on oxidized LDL and HDL. Moreover, it split the subjects into three groups depending on training intensity. Only the high-load group experienced decreased oxidized LDL. The other two groups saw no change.

As such, you must make sure you’re varying workout intensity. If your goal is improving cholesterol, add a few high-intensity sessions.

What role does oxidative stress from exercise plays in oxidized cholesterol prevention?

All that said, one thing complicates the topic. Luckily, AHA Journals has a great article about it. Exercise generates oxidative stress for the body. That means it could increase LDL’s oxidation susceptibility. That’s worrying if the body’s antioxidant systems are hindered.

However, oxidized LDL becomes atherogenic in the artery wall. If it happens in the plasma, our livers can clear it. Therefore, it could lower overall blood cholesterol levels.

Essentially, aerobic activity oxidizes LDL in the plasma. As mentioned, this is actually beneficial. For, our livers get rid of it. Long-term aerobic training also lowers blood lipids. Moreover, it doesn’t appear to affect LDL’s oxidizability.

Thankfully, that means exercise’s oxidative stress isn’t a problem. Quite the opposite, it offers unique benefits. But, the subject is a bit more complicated than that. So, certain health conditions could negate these advantages.

Aerobic exercise and oxidized cholesterol: Is it the best approach?

By now, you’ve probably noticed I keep mentioning aerobic exercise. That’s because it’s the best workout type for cholesterol. This study focuses exclusively on aerobic exercise’s effects on oxidized LDL.

The study gathered 22 obese women. Then, it divided them into the experimental and control group. The results showed that body mass indices decreased considerably. However, it found no changes in oxidized LDL levels.

As such, the study could suggest that aerobic exercise isn’t effective. Yet, we must remember that workout intensity is a huge factor. Only high-intensity workout appears to have an effect.

The holistic takeaway

exercise and oxidized cholesterol - woman running while listen to music in the nature

Exercise and oxidized cholesterol share a complicated relationship. Technically, exercise promotes oxidized cholesterol. Yet, it does so in the plasma. That makes it easier for the liver to cleanse it. In other words, it oxidizes cholesterol in the right place.

You just have to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Only high-intensity training offers these beneficial effects. So, that’s why I recommend The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy. It’s a comprehensive workout and diet program. Plus, it focuses exclusively on oxidized cholesterol—the real enemy.

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think!


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