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Exercise And The Brain: The Best Exercise For Brain Health

Oct 22, 2021Mental Health0 comments

I’ve already covered the links between exercise and memory. But, what’s the best exercise for brain health? That’s what you’ll learn. The same goes for the link between said exercise and brain health.

In that article, I mentioned that aerobic exercise could be better. But, what’s the reasoning behind it? Which mechanisms drive these benefits? Let’s find out.

What’s the link between exercise and the brain?

Moderate-intensity workouts are exceptional for our brain. That’s true for memory and cognition. Exercise can help you think more effectively—directly and indirectly!

That’s because aerobic exercise promotes growth. That includes chemicals that handle our brains’ blood vessels. It’s crucial for brain cells’ health and reproduction.

Exercise and brain health interact directly

Aerobic exercise might also increase our brains’ size. The areas responsible for memory and thinking tend to be larger when exercising. About a year of exercise could increase their volume.

Moreover, improving your mood and sleep affects your memory. Thus, make sure to walk more often—at least!

How long should you exercise?

Working out means building habits. The original article states that it could take at least 6 months for results. Thus, patience is—again—key here.

Luckily, you might not need to go too out of your way. About 150 minutes weekly could be enough. A 30-minute walk from Monday to Friday isn’t too challenging.

What are the best exercises for the brain?

As mentioned, Aerobic exercise seems to be the winner. This study dives into how exercise and cognition relate to each other. The main thesis is that aerobically fit people have better cognition.

These people tend to have better reaction times, attention span, and cognitive control. This could be due to the brain-body coordination demanded by workouts.

It’s critical for older adults

That said, the study does make one crucial observation. People under middle age seem not to benefit as much. The main reason seems to be lacking degenerative conditions.

In older people, dementia and other conditions degenerate cognitive function. Thus, working out becomes crucial the older we get.

The holistic takeaway

exercise and the brain man cycling

Luckily, aerobic exercise is quite simple to implement. Walking every day is more enjoyable than going to a gym. Thus, we have a prominent advantage over strength training.

For better results, I’d recommend ProMind Complex. It focuses on age-related cognitive deterioration. It offers the nutrients you need to boost your focus and memory.

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