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Eye Health Myths: Debunking 5 Common Eye Care Myths

Oct 4, 2021Vision0 comments

We’ve grown with countless misconceptions. Eye health myths aren’t the exception. Today, we’re tapping into the most famous eye care myths around the world.

Did anyone tell you that you’re too close to the screen? Do you avoid reading in the dark to keep your eyes healthy? This article is for you.

To keep even more issues at bay, I also have a great recommendation. Read till the end to see it!

Eye health myth #1: It’s bad to cross your eyes

We’ve always heard that crossing our eyes is bad. If we do it too much, we risk them staying that way. I’ve even heard people say it’s bad to cross your eyes in front of a mirror.

What’s the truth?

Our eyes have muscles that handle sight and focus. Like other muscles, fatigue can occur if we strain them. When we cross our eyes, we’re trying to focus on something “too near.” That causes discomfort, but that’s as bad as it gets.

Eye health myth #2: Reading in dim light worsens your vision

If you want to keep glasses at bay, you shouldn’t strain your eyes. What strains them more than reading in the dark? You might even feel eye fatigue if you do it for too long. It has to be bad, right?

What’s the truth?

Your eyes definitely strain when trying to focus in these circumstances. You can even feel a headache from the effort. Again, that’s as far as it goes for this eye care myth. You won’t cause long-term damage.

Eye health myth #3: Sitting too close to the TV ruins your sight

Well, this eye care myth has to be true. We’ve all felt our eyes burning after sitting in front of the computer for a while. Thus, sticking your face into the TV screen has to ruin your eyes.

What’s the truth?

Screens can beat your eyes, but long-term damage isn’t an issue. Issues include discomfort, headache, eyestrain, and dry eyes. All of them are short-term. Yet, it’s still wise to rest!

Eye health myth #4: You mustn’t wear glasses if you don’t need them

This was a staple of eye care myths back in school. You can’t try other people’s glasses if you don’t need them. The same goes for bad formulas. They’ll do more harm than good, right?

What’s the truth?

Again, we’re confusing eyestrain with long-term damage. Wearing glasses when you don’t need them won’t hurt your eyes. The same goes for using a formula you don’t need. They only strain the muscles.

Eye health myth #5: It’s OK to shower with contact lenses

From all the eye care myths, this is the only dangerous one. Sure, hitting the bathtub or pool is a bad idea with contact lenses. But, showering rarely wets your eyes, right?

What’s the truth?

Bathing AND taking a shower with contact lenses are terrible ideas. Germs from the water can make their way between your lenses and your eyes. Once there, they can cause keratitis, resulting in (real) vision loss if untreated.

The holistic takeaway

Eye health myths glasses over newspaper

Yes, eye health is quite delicate. However, we often worry too much about non-relevant things. That makes us lose our focus on what really matters. And, I mean taking proper care of your health with science-backed tips.

That takes me to this article’s recommendation: ReVision. This product dives straight into the root. It aids your focus and how your brain processes visual information. It’s a fantastic addition to your daily life if you worry about your eyesight.

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