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Eyes Sensitive To Light: Why Sunlight Hurts Your Eyes

Aug 4, 2021Vision0 comments

Today, most of us damage our eyes without knowing. Staring at screens and going outside are daily contributions. Everyone has eyes sensitive to light. Yet, some cases are more severe.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need about the sun and our eyes. I’ll also share a nice product that can help you revert some of it.

Can the sun blind you? What do eyes sensitive to light mean?

Firstly, let’s clarify sun-caused blindness. The sun can damage your eyes, even when it’s cloudy. UV light can burn your exposed retina. The most common issues are solar keratitis and retinopathy. They translate into cornea sunburn and retinal holes.

What happens when you stare at the sun?

UV rays work similarly to a blowtorch. Depending on exposure length, you might experience two conditions.

  • Solar keratitis is essentially your cornea getting sunburned. You’ll feel pain and high sensitivity. You might feel nothing until a day has passed.
  • Solar retinopathy is more serious. Basically, it’s a hole in your retinal tissue. It can create blind spots in your central vision.

Recovery from eyes sensitive to light

Both conditions often result in total recovery. However, it can take a while if the damage is high. It could take a year before you fully recover. Make sure to get proper eye care if you’ve stared at the sun for long.

UV light accumulation

Finally, UV light can accumulate over years. You don’t have to stare at the sun for that. As such, wear eye protection when going out.

What to consider with eyes sensitive to light

Your eyes can develop different conditions depending on the exposure. Luckily, USC has a great breakdown of these issues. Let’s see what common eye injuries you should keep in mind.


Cataracts make your eye lenses cloudy and opaque. It can lead to full blindness if neglected. Researchers have linked UVB rays to this condition.

Macular degeneration

With enough exposure, your eye’s natural lens filters the majority of UV light. That’s to avoid further damage. Unfortunately, they can still damage your retina and macular. The result is vision loss.

Surfer’s eye

Officially known as pterygium, it’s an inflammation of your conjunctiva. That’s the outside of the eye. It can grow toward the optical center. Your eyes can feel dry and itchy.


As mentioned, your cornea can suffer sunburn. However, we must note that keratitis doesn’t always come from sunlight. Infections and parasites can cause it as well.

Skin cancer

Finally, your eyelids can develop a type of skin cancer. UV overexposure can cause carcinomas and melanoma. Your eye can develop bleeding lumps and inflammation.

Caring for eyes sensitive to light

Naturally, you’ll have to protect your eyes. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it may seem so far. You only need to learn where the risks lie. Eye Site On Wellness offers an excellent article over here.

Consider other damage sources

As mentioned, the eye doesn’t have to damage your eyes directly. Its reflection is also dangerous. Water, soil, snow, sand, and concrete can reflect it as well. The risk can still be considerable. For instance, snow can reflect up to 80% of UV rays.

Protecting your eyes

Sunglasses are solid protection, but that depends on their creation. Always aim for at least 99% UV ray blocks. It’s also better if they cover most of your eyes. Darker and gray lenses are also great options.

The holistic takeaway

eyes sensitive to light mountain and sun in the background

Eyesight is crucial for most of us. In today’s digital era, That’s especially true. As such, knowing what to look out for can be life-saving. Yes, that pun was intended.

Other than this article’s advice, I have one last tip. You should check out ReVision. This natural health supplement focuses on improving eye-brain links. With its formula, you could improve your eyesight considerably.

For more information, check my review here!


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