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Famous Metabolic Allies: Ingredients To Optimize Your Metabolism

Apr 21, 2021Metabolism, Plants & Spices0 comments

There seems to be an endless list of ingredients that can help you boost your metabolism. Every day, new supplements and formulas promote innovative components. Some are more famous, but which ingredients can help you?

Today, we’ll go through the most common ingredients in metabolic supplementation. Our main focus is components proven by science to help you to reach your goals. If you’re looking for the right products, you’ll want to check for these components.

Understanding your metabolism

Essentially, your metabolism comprises various chemical reactions. They’re responsible for multiple functions:

  • Synthesizing nutrients for your organism.
  • Transporting nutrients throughout your body.
  • Generating energy.
  • Promoting healing and physical recovery.

Your metabolism typically starts with nutrition. It triggers these processes as your body breaks down your food for different purposes. That matters because your metabolism burns calories while working. These processes account for a majority of our daily energy consumption.

Accelerating your metabolism burns more calories. It helps you lose weight, feel more energetic, and live healthily.

Common metabolism boosters found in supplements

Metabolism boosters often claim to increase your body’s heat production. This process requires considerable energy. Your metabolism increases to meet this demand, burning more calories.

Not all products use the same formula. However, many ingredients have been famous for their effects on our metabolism. Below, you’ll find some of the most common metabolism boosters.

Let’s go through the standard ingredients in most weight loss supplements. Which one of these can help you?


Studies have proved that caffeine can boost thermogenesis, burning more calories. At least 270 mg of caffeine daily helps to burn more calories. Most supplements contain around 200 mg, and a coffee cup usually nears the 100 mg gram.


Capsaicin is responsible for the spice in jalapeños. Spicy foods are usually recommended for losing weight. It’s similar to caffeine: it helps burn more calories. While it’s not a lot (about 50 calories daily), it adds up with other supplements.


This component promotes energy production from fat. Your kidney and liver produce this nutrient, but you can find it in meat, dairy, and legumes. Additionally, L-carnitine is useful for treating heart disease and diabetic neuropathy. However, it’s not the best weight loss supplement.

Chromium picolinate

Our body doesn’t need a lot of chromium, but its deficiency is a problem for many people. It doesn’t have direct benefits for losing weight. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a general requirement for good metabolism. If you’re suffering from chromium deficiency, it might affect your metabolism.

Conjugated linoleic acid

CLA has received mixed opinions regarding its weight loss benefits. However, studies suggest it might benefit fat loss. Further research is necessary to determine the extent of these benefits. Remember to be careful with this ingredient. Too much CLA can cause issues.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the most famous ingredients in weight loss supplements. Studies suggest that green tea might not help lose weight by itself. However, it often contains caffeine and catechins, which could maintain weight.


Finally, this substance is common in red grapes’ skin, Japanese knotweed, mulberries, and peanuts. Studies in rats suggest they burn fat. However, clinical trials are necessary to determine its benefits in humans.

Our takeaway

If you want a metabolism booster, you must look for the right ingredients. Many supplements promote their unique formulas. It’s common to see them using unique components, but they might not help at all. Don’t fall for buzzwords.

However, ingredients aren’t the only worthy consideration. Make sure you pay attention to volumes and ratios. Having the best ingredients means nothing if they make up the minority of the formula.

Our main takeaway is to research before you buy. That includes ingredients, companies, benefits, and disadvantages.


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