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Fat Burning Exercises: Best Fat Loss Workouts

Oct 27, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

Losing weight means more than losing fat. That’s why my holistic guide doesn’t focus solely on fat-burning exercises. Instead, fat loss workouts are our topic for today.

Now, burning fat is still a fundamental step—don’t get me wrong. That said, losing weight incurs many other requisites. You’ll also learn that in today’s article. Burning fat also calls for a holistic approach.

But, let’s see what are the best exercises for burning fat.

How fat-burning exercises can change your body

As we mentioned, burning fat is a comprehensive task. Basically, fat comes from unused calories stored in your body. Your thighs and belly are the most common spots.

Understanding how your body works and changes is crucial. It also does more than help you avoid common myths. It’ll help you develop a comprehensive fat loss strategy.

The foundations of fat loss workouts

Your body needs calories for energy. But, many people consume more than what they burn. These excess calories become fat. As such, your goal is to raise your metabolic rate until you burn everything. From there, your body starts burning fat for energy.

What’s the best approach for burning fat?

The best strategy is to combine cardio and strength training. Cardio burns more fat while you’re working out than weightlifting. But, strength training builds muscle. And, muscles are metabolically active. That means they burn calories while resting.

Consistency is vital for fat-burning exercises

Of course, you also need discipline. For some, it’s months before any noticeable change. That doesn’t mean you should never rest. But, make sure you’re always burning more calories than your daily intake.

Avoiding fat loss workout myths

Finally, don’t fall for “quick fixes” and myths. For instance, don’t rely solely on the “heart rate” method. In most cases, you’ll merely hinder yourself. Again, the goal is to burn more calories than what we eat. As long as you do that, you need nothing more.

What are the best fat-burning exercises?

As U.S. News states, the best fat loss workouts are a combination. Firstly, you need cardio. Thus, high-intensity interval workouts are a must. Then, you complete it with strength training.

Everyday Health also has an excellent routine. It contains the following workouts:

  1. Jumping jacks.
  2. Burpees.
  3. Squat jumps.
  4. Skater jumps.
  5. Plank jacks.
  6. High knees.

I invite you to check out the article for their descriptions and reasoning. Curiously, all these workouts share something.

Let’s see what that is.

What makes these fat loss workouts unique?

Almost all those exercises combine cardio with strength training. Burpees, plank jacks, and squat jumps are the best examples. Simultaneously, you’re burning calories and building muscle.

As such, you’re burning more calories with aerobic training. But, you’re also building muscle that passively burns calories.

How to make fat-burning exercises your own

The 6-workout routine has amazing fat loss workouts. But, it might not be the best for everyone. Your main goal is to understand what makes them good.

From there, develop a workout plan that fits you. Likewise, you don’t have to do that every day. Walking and jogging are fantastic when you want a day off.

The holistic takeaway

fat-burning exercises woman doing yoga

Fat-burning exercises have one foundation: strength and cardio. The best strategy is always to combine both. That way, you can burn more calories while resting. Burning calories is the main goal to avoid fat accumulation.

Also, more help is always fantastic. That’s why I recommend Flat Belly Tea. This drink is a great addition to any fat loss workout plan. It’s a great metabolism booster. But, it also offers the energy you need to perform better!

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