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Food Combination: The Best Diet For Weight Loss?

Aug 11, 2021Food & Nutrition0 comments

I’ve already talked extensively about bad diets. Today, I’m mixing it up. Our topic for this article is food combination. I recently came across an interesting diet plan that didn’t restrict nutrients.

It instantly caught my eye.

Instead, it focuses on combining food groups appropriately. If you’ve read my other articles, you know that’s a plus. Restricting nutrients is rarely the best approach.

So, let’s learn what experts have to say about it. I’ll also share that diet plan in the end.

What does food combination mean?

Firstly, let’s go through the basics. Healthline has a great breakdown. Even better, it debunks several misconceptions. So, it makes a great flip side to the next section.

Essentially, food combination diets refer to pairing food groups. Your meals are always combinations. They include carbs, fats, protein, and more. Balancing these portions could help you lose weight.

Basic rules

Rules vary extensively, yet some are more common. For instance, you shouldn’t eat starches with proteins and acidic food. Combining proteins is also a restriction. Finally, dairy and fruits should only go on an empty stomach.

The fundamental beliefs

The article summarizes them into two ideas:

  • Different foods have different digestion speeds. That can “jam” your digestive system.
  • Foods have unique pH levels. They hinder your body’s ability to digest them.

Clearing misconceptions

Unfortunately, those beliefs are quite ancient. Experts have disproven many of them. The remains are mostly “half-truths.” Today, dieticians recommend food combining for satiation.

Foods’ diverse digestion speeds are real. However, they don’t cause negative effects. That only means how long you’ll feel full. Thus, today’s food combining focuses on reducing overeating.

What do experts think of food combinations?

Now, many experts support food combining. For instance, this article from The Beet offers great insight. The interviewed dietician shares an outstanding look into the diet.

The thesis behind it is feeling full for longer. Yet, you can do it without restricting your calorie intake. For instance, an oatmeal bowl and a cereal bowl have similar calories. However, the former makes you feel full for longer.

Simultaneously, you’re eating balanced meals. That’s because you don’t neglect any food group. Thus, it sheds the disadvantages from other diets.

The main mechanism behind food combination

As mentioned, satiation is the main focus. Eating certain food groups together makes digestion slower. Additionally, your blood sugar won’t spike as quickly as with just carbs. Heavier foods make up for carbs’ quick digestion.

Balanced blood sugar and energy

Blood sugar spikes are typically a problem. Many times, we see them as large hikes and drops. Naturally, your energy will do the same. You’ll feel highly energized and then plummet into fatigue. Balancing these spikes keeps your energy constant.

What should you look for?

According to the interview, oatmeal and peanut butter are amazing. It also makes sense. They’re high-fiber carbs and protein with a healthy fat. So, it’s a fantastic breakfast. Other than that, plant-based diets

What should you not look for?

On the other hand, healthy foods can backfire when coupled improperly. Generally, avoid meals where carbs are the majority. Avoiding blood sugar spikes is crucial. As such, keep carbs lower than your protein and healthy fat intake.

The holistic takeaway

food combination tomatoes, basil and cheese

At its core, food combination is eating balanced. The only difference is its stronger focus on satiation. Therefore, it’s easily a diet I can support. Just make sure not to fall for the many misconceptions.

Finally, I promised you a program. I was talking about The Cinderella Solution. It’s a fitness program. That means it adds workouts to an outstanding meal program and recipes.

If you wish to learn more about it, check my review here!


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