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Fun With Exercise: Why It Matters And Fun Ideas To Try Today

Aug 1, 2021Exercise - Fitness0 comments

I’ve already talked about the advantages of having fun with exercise. It helps you with motivation and building routines. However, I only touched on why having friends is fantastic. Today, I plan to delve deeper into the subject.

Finding exercise fun is a large hurdle. It can be challenging to see fitness as more than a chore. For instance, most of us only see it as a requirement for better health. Now, that’s the obvious definition because it’s true.

Unfortunately, it also makes working out a lot harder. We make it akin to a boring job or class. It’s something we have to endure. As such, we naturally feel repulsion toward it.

Finally, slow results can crumble your motivation as well. That’s why I’ll also share with you a nice supplement that can help you. Stick to the end to learn more!

Why should you have fun with exercise?

Firstly, enjoying exercise motivates you. It’s easier to build the habit if you feel excited about it. Moreover, you’ll start researching better routines and trying higher intensity. In the end, you’re optimizing your routines to boost your results.

That said, the benefits go beyond fitness. Working out often improves our self-esteem. It also helps us see life differently. Enjoying your workouts can make your life better in many ways:

  • You can meet new people.
  • Your loved ones may join you and improve their health.
  • Energy and motivation extend to other life aspects.

The benefits are countless. But, don’t worry. I’ll keep things short. Let’s go through the primary advantages.

You’ll feel better

The main advantage is improving how you feel. I mean it physically and psychologically. Working out provides amazing results in multiple forms.

That’s because of the brain chemistry behind exercise. Exercising releases endorphins, which make you feel happier. Other sensations include calmness and relaxation.

It boosts your confidence

Additionally, you’ll also feel better about yourself. It’s also logical. You’ll look and feel considerably healthier with exercise.

You don’t have to be a gym fanatic, either. Moreover, working out with other people can boost this feeling. Helping less-experienced people and receiving the same help do wonders for your confidence.

You can strengthen bonds

The gym is a fantastic place to meet like-minded people. Asking and offering help are amazing ways to create a new friendship with your peers.

However, you can also spend quality time with your loved ones. Inviting friends, family, and significant others to your routine can be a nice twist. Plus, you’ll be helping them become healthier.

It’s easier to build the habit

Lastly, having fun exercising makes it easier to adapt it to your routine. It’s difficult to work out every day if you feel lazy. The opposite is true if you feel excited about it.

Making your workout routines more fun makes you look forward to it. Therefore, you likely won’t need to force yourself to leave the couch and hit the weights.

Fun exercises let you work out regularly

The main reason to build a habit of working out is the many benefits it brings. As I’ve mentioned, exercise goes beyond your body shape. Yes, you’ll be in better shape. However, that’s only a side of the many advantages.

For instance, you could add more energy to your days. It’s ideal if you’re finding it hard to focus and perform. That goes for anything as well. Studies suggest that working out can improve cognitive performance.

If you’re still hesitant about exercise, these benefits might convince you.

Weight control

Firstly, we have the most obvious benefit. However, I’m not merely talking about weight loss. Exercise keeps your weight balanced. That means shedding excess weight while promoting healthy weight gain from muscle mass.

Improving overall health

Working out also protects you from diseases and health conditions. Working out essentially optimizes your body. It boosts good cholesterol and reduces triglycerides. It can even help your immune system!

Better mood

You’ll also feel more motivated throughout the day. Working out is fantastic for general vitality. As such, the benefits extend to everything you need to do. Likewise, working out can help with mental complications. Those include depression and anxiety.

More energy

As mentioned, regular physical activity boosts your overall fitness. With time, your routines become easier. However, the same goes for other chores and carrying groceries. Your heart and lungs benefit from it, and that means more energy.

Sleep quality

Working out also helps you sleep better at night. You’ll feel more tired during bedtime. However, it comes from naturally depleting your energy. Interestingly, you should avoid working out at night. You might feel too energized for sleep.

Stronger libido

Your libido will likely grow with your workout schedule. To start, your self-esteem will improve. That’ll make you feel more confident about intimacy. Moreover, it can increase sexual arousal thanks to its testosterone growth.

Unwinding and socializing

Finally, you can have fun with exercise in many ways. With the right mindset, working out can be the ideal unwinding routine. You can also meet new people if you go to a gym. Exercising can be perfect for creating new friendships.

How can you make exercise more fun?

If you’re having difficulties enjoying workouts, Queensland Health has the right advice. There are countless ways to have fun with exercise. However, we seem to forget that as we get older.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen that change. I became considerably more sedentary with age. It took a while for me to get over it.

That definitely wasn’t the case when we were children. We were always running around with balls, action figures, and friends. And, there’s your answer! We can find solutions for our sedentarism by looking back.

What can we learn from children? Actually, we can learn a lot. Many of the following strategies focus on going back to that mindset.

Try gamification

Gamification refers to tackling chores like games. You can do it for working out without considerable effort. You can try geocaching and physical games. These activities are fun while engaging your body.

Dance a bit

Dancing can help your fitness efforts significantly. Dancing around 10 songs is usually enough for your daily 30-minute workouts. As such, you can use dancing for resting days. Yet, you’re not slowing down your fitness.

Make your own plan

Working out from home can be as effective as a gym. You just have to learn the basics of fitness. From there, you can create personal workout routines. That includes choosing your favorite workouts and even creating fitness playlists.

You can also go for your favorite fitness activities. Yoga is perfect for unwinding while offering great benefits. You can try a jumping rope or anything that works for you.

Play a fun sport

Sports can be fun while providing ample fitness benefits. You can bring out your Frisbee or basketball. Playing a few matches with friends or merely catching and kicking is enough. You’ll quickly spend hours before realizing it.

Go for the stairs

This tip is simple but effective. Taking the stairs instead of elevators is a crucial step. It might not sound like much. However, as you do it daily, the benefits add up quickly.

Meet and walk

Hanging out with friends can be more than watching Netflix. You can meet with others and walk around. You can choose your favorite park or neighborhood. Walking is a great workout.

Try rock climbing

Don’t worry. You don’t have to climb a mountain. You can find artificial walls in indoor gyms and fitness centers. It’s an incredibly fun activity that engages most of your muscles.

Include loved ones

You can invite friends, family, and significant others. Exercise is considerably more fun and effective with friends. You can help each other and compete for extra motivation. Walking your dog to the park also works perfectly.

Get creative with dates

Now, I’m talking about romantic and casual dates. You can do it with friends as well. Anyway, active night dates are perfect icebreakers. Try bowling, minigolf, or even laser tag. You can have a lot of fun while sneaking some physical workout.

Go through chores

Daily chores also engage your muscles, depending on the task. For instance, cleaning your home and yard is great exercise. The same goes for shopping. You can walk to the mall for extra activity. Window shopping is also a great excuse for walking.

Choose bikes instead of cars

Your bicycle can be your greatest fitness ally. They’re definitely faster than walking. However, they don’t sacrifice your fitness efforts as cars do.

Moreover, they’re not as slow as you might think. Depending on traffic, they can take as long as your standard commute.

Some hacks to have fun with exercise

Finally, let’s go through a few interesting tips Time can share with us. This time, we’ll focus on renewing our love for fitness. Exercising has a plethora of benefits. So, realizing these advantages is crucial for growing that interest.

The first step is to learn how to have fun with exercises. That goes beyond entertaining routines. We can redevelop how we think about working out. That’s because most of the obstacles relate to how we think about fitness.

Exercise is an amazing psychological treatment. Therefore, it’s ironic how psychological barriers are considerable with fitness goals. The following tips can help you rethink your workouts to beat these obstacles.

Stop the comparisons

Firstly, fitness isn’t a competition. It’s a personal journey to improve ourselves. Therefore, you’re not gaining a lot from comparisons.

Sure, friendly competition is a great motivator. However, don’t kill your motivation with it. It’s easy to feel down if you compare yourself with professionals.

Do it with friends

Speaking of friendly competition, invite friends! Working out with your loved ones is unique. You’ll feel more excited about exercising. But, there’s more. You can spice things up with weekly competitions and cooperation.

Make workouts your own

Additionally, you can personalize your workouts extensively. It’s a great way to enjoy and feel excited about them. Even better, you have plenty of options to do so:

  • Create a workout playlist with motivational music.
  • Research and implement the best routines for your goals.
  • Create a personal workout routine for your weeks.
  • Use a dedicated room for working out. Decorate it however you like.

Focus on what you like

Think about what you like about exercise. However, I’m talking about the workout process—not the results. Do you like how you feel when breaking a record? Do you feel you’re shedding stress? Next time, think about that for motivation.

See it as a reward

Similarly, you can turn working out into a reward. Doing this becomes easier after the previous step. Working out helps you unwind. Likewise, you can use it for hanging out with friends. Use that to reframe exercise as a reward for a long day’s work.

Use variation

Finally, don’t stick to the same routines forever. Doing the same workouts daily gets boring quickly. Additionally, variation lets you focus on certain muscle groups. It makes workouts more effective and engaging.

The holistic takeaway

Fun with exercise Women Jogging in the beach

The best way to have fun with exercise is to go back to when we were children. We rarely thought about our health when having fun. Curiously, that fun primarily came from physical activity.

We loved running, playing with a ball, and competing with our friends. However, the latter was never an obstacle. As such, why are comparisons such a problem today? That’s because fitness is the main goal. When we were younger, we only focused on the fun.

That’s what I want you to try today. Don’t focus on the results. Instead, prioritize enjoying your time. Make it fun, and the results will catch you by surprise.

That said, there’s no reason not to try and make the most out of your workouts. I’ve covered a few supplements that can help you optimize those results. Flat Belly Tea by PureLife is a great contender. It offers the necessary metabolic boost to complement your fitness efforts.


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