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Good Acid Reflux Habits: What TO DO If you Have Heartburn

Feb 11, 2022Heart Health0 comments

Acid reflux, or heartburn, can ruin anyone’s day. You’re enjoying a nice meal and then regret it for the rest of the day. It’s even worse when it strikes at night. So, these acid reflux habits might help a lot!

Luckily, there’s no shortage of tips for heartburn. Let’s go through the best ones and—of course—the science behind them.

Good acid reflux habit #1: Keep a healthy diet

Firstly, you want to eat more healthily. For instance, calories and fat content in your meals can dictate how bad heartburn gets. Their influence ranges from acid exposure to frequency.

Good acid reflux habit #2: Eat smaller but more frequently

Anyone with heartburn can tell you that meals can be a minefield. You don’t have to eat poorly to trigger it. Your meal size can be a critical factor.

Good acid reflux habit #3: Avoid heartburn-happy meals

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can eat poorly as long as it’s little. You should definitely avoid some foods. Luckily, I covered that in this article.

Good acid reflux habit #4: Steer clear of alcohol

A drink can feel like a godsend after a long, tiring day. But, it can also trigger acid reflux. But, it seems to depend on how much alcohol you consume.

Good acid reflux habit #5: Lose excess weight

Your weight also influences how often and long you experience acid reflux. So, you should try to solve 2 issues at once and start working out!

Good acid reflux habit #6: Stay away from tight clothes

Similar to weight, tight clothes can pressure your stomach—and its acid. Wearing comfortable clothes is part of managing heartburn.

Good acid reflux habit #7: Fix your sleep

Finally, sleeping can feel impossible with heartburn. But, sleeping properly can alleviate its symptoms considerably. There’s a sleep position for everything, including acid reflux!

The holistic takeaway

Good Acid Reflux Habits man holding his chest

Good acid reflux habits can go a long way in helping you cope with it. But, don’t hesitate to see a professional if needed. Treatment and supplementation can be vital to get over it.

That’s why I always recommend Acidaburn. It’s the perfect ally for your gut bacteria. Its formula is perfect for regulating bile and stomach acid. Plus, it’s great for weight loss!

To learn more, check out my review!


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