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Gut Bacteria And GERD: Is There A Link?

Apr 28, 2022Metabolism0 comments

Acid reflux can be a tricky subject. It’s mostly about habits. You can sabotage or help your condition every day. But, it’s not always that simple. The possible link between gut bacteria and GERD is a great example.

Excess gut bacteria could lead to acid reflux. But, the science behind the subject isn’t quite clear.

In this article, I’ll try to clarify things. Let’s find out if your body could hinder itself.

Where does the idea of gut bacteria and GERD come from?

Verywell Health has a great introduction to the subject. Essentially, bacterial overgrowth can accumulate in the intestine’s upper area.

These bacteria produce gas. In theory, it could result in pressure on the stomach. Then, the acid could get pushed to the esophagus. In this case, a complex carb diet could be ideal. That ties nicely into the foods you should avoid with GERD.

The cyclic nature between gut bacteria and GERD

Curiously, gut bacteria and GERD could share a cyclic relationship. Dysbiosis comes from the disbalance between good and bad bacteria.

This condition has close ties with acid reflux. For instance, the latter could be a consequence of the former. But, the opposite could also be true. Medication for acid reflux can disturb gut bacteria. It changes its diversity while eliminating both good and bad microbiota.

What’s the science behind gut bacteria and GERD?

This study also mentions the link between gut bacteria and GERD. The same goes for other esophageal diseases, like irritable bowel syndrome. But, it does mention that the link is unclear.

That said, it mentions how esophageal disease tends to host unique bacteria. GERD could promote dysbiosis, leading to this result.

Diet’s effects on microbiota and esophageal disease

Moreover, people in cities tend to eat more simple carbs and fats. The availability and costs of these foods increase these diseases’ risks.

People in rural areas usually have healthier diets. That translates into healthier gut bacteria. Likewise, they report fewer esophagus inflammation instances. As mentioned, excess gut bacteria could add to this inflammation.

Probiotic treatment could shed light on gut bacteria and GERD

Finally, probiotic treatment is possible with acid reflux. That’s crucial because it means bacteria could play a vital role.

Basically, probiotics are beneficial bacteria for our digestion. They usually act by balancing our gut biome. Some experts have proposed them as viable complements to GERD treatment.

If that’s true, gut bacteria need more research.

Treating both symptoms and medication side effects

As we mentioned, gut bacteria can cause GERD—and vice-versa. Probiotics could benefit both sides of the coin.

Firstly, probiotics have shown possible acid reflux benefits. They include regurgitation improvements, breathing, and other symptoms.

Additionally, they prevent dysbiosis caused by acid reflux medication. So, they lead to a healthier treatment approach.

How do they work with antacids?

On the other hand, antacids don’t mess with gut bacteria and GERD. As such, there’s little difference when taking both.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

Just make sure you ask your doctor before combining them. Both can interact with other medications. So, take it lightly.

The holistic takeaway

gut bacteria and gerd cartoon of a stomach on fire

Now, gut bacteria and GERD don’t have a clear relationship. Still, that doesn’t mean you should discard or accept it outright. In all cases, keeping a healthy biome is always beneficial.

That’s why probiotics and the right diet are so important.

Proper supplementation can also go a long way. That’s why I recommend Acidaburn. It’s a great way to control your weight and GERD. It has all the nutrients you need to keep your gut happy.

To learn how it works, here’s my review!


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