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Holistic Health During Crisis: How To Stay Balanced Despite Everything

May 25, 2021Balance Mind Body and Soul0 comments

Times of crisis always test us on every front. Their nature seldom matters: finances, health, politics. Crises always strain our emotions, wallets, and more. Today’s COVID-19 pandemic is one of the best examples.

Financial turmoil also accompanies the pandemic, making it the “perfect storm.” Despite being physical, the emotional repercussions have been plentiful. The same holds for most industries. Companies keep struggling to maintain their workers’ well-being.

What can you do to balance your mind, body, and soul during any crisis? That’s our topic for today. The following tips will prove crucial during COVID-19 and any personal turmoil.

Holistic wellness during crisis

Most major psychiatric associations have released extensive resources to help during the crisis. For instance, the Weill Institute for Neurosciences has an amazing article on coping mechanisms.

Their general tips are timeless, and they can help you during any crisis. After the pandemic subsides, you can use them whenever you need. Is a recession possible? Are you worried about elections? Just follow these recommendations.

Limiting media

The first step is to distance yourself from the news. Naturally, we want to stay informed about what’s going on. However, too much news can feel sickening. You’ll quickly find yourself constantly worrying about what you’ve seen.

Find social support

Today, finding the emotional support we need is as easy as sending a text message on any chat app. You can video call friends and loved ones. You can even start sharing jokes on social media comment sections. Talking about anything will distract you and cheer you up.

Become supportive

You should also try to give as much as you take. Simply speaking to others helps them as well. Listen to other people’s worries as well. It can help you think about something else while strengthening your relationships.

Exploit routines

Routines help us focus on the current tasks. Building habits is ideal to boost your productivity. It also makes you feel better, as it keeps you busy. Create a daily or weekly routine. It’ll help you stick to your responsibilities during turmoil.

Watch your nutrition

Finally, our nutrition goes a long way helping our mood. Diets like the Mediterranean program can improve your mental health. Furthermore, avoid junk food, but don’t be afraid of rewarding yourself now and then.

Distancing yourself from what troubles you

Anxiety makes it challenging to cope with any daily issue. It could be getting fired or arguing with a friend. The problem’s nature and risks don’t matter. The smallest hurdles feel like the Everest during crisis.

You must learn how to distance yourself from the environment and focus on specific issues. For that, we’ll revisit Psychology Today’s article on mind, body, and soul balancing. These four steps will clear your mind and aim it toward your current obstacle.

Become aware

Awareness about your current problem is crucial, especially for mental health. Ask yourself how you’re feeling and when things changed. Constant fatigue or irritability are outstanding signs of trouble.

Build intent

Create a goal from what you’ve recently learned. Do you want to feel better? Should you change something in your life? Focus on that and create a general plan to get it. Develop the intention to change things and work from there.


Do your current problems resemble your past? Have you faced similar complications before? If so, how did you solve them and what happened next? Relating your current issues with your past will help you find the best solution and avoid the bad ones.

Be mindful

Finally, focus on feeling good on all fronts. That’s what experts mean by connecting mind, body, and soul. Wholeness exercises keep you grounded in what’s going on right now. Yoga, breathing methods, and meditation are perfect for that.

The holistic takeaway

Crises are named that way for a reason. You’ll feel like the entire world is about to end. Keeping your holistic health during crisis is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. Luckily, you only need to learn the best point of view.

As you start applying these tips, you’ll see how easy things become. You can start today with most of them as well.

Try to take one day off—no responsibilities allowed! Use that day to restructure your mindset and schedule to cope with the current crisis. It’ll be difficult at first, but you’ll soon reap your effort’s benefits.


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