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Why You Suffer Hip Pain At Night (And How Sleeping Solves It)

Jun 22, 2021Body Pain0 comments

Hip pain at night is one of the most annoying problems ever. It can make sleeping feel impossible if it gets bad. However, it’s mostly a result of your lifestyle and posture.

Treatment can be as simple as a few lifestyle changes. Choosing a better sleep position goes a long way.

Let’s find out why it happens and what you can do.

What causes hip pain at night?

Now, we’re not saying “don’t go to a doctor.” You should always consult with a professional. Hip pain at night can come from chronic conditions. Bursitis, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis require proper treatment.

However, we’re focusing on natural sleeping positions today. Your sleeping habits have serious repercussions.

How your sleep position affects pain

Your sleep posture can cause pain if it wears your joints. The same holds for your mattress. It could cause your body to sink, tensing your joints. Using a pillow between your knees keeps your hips’ alignment.

Good sleep routines can help you

Developing proper sleep hygiene is excellent to rest your entire body. Try using more pillows for support. You can use them under your hips or legs for extra cushioning. Sleeping on your back or side is ideal.

How can you relieve hip pain at night?

Of course, you can take pain medication. However, a few lifestyle changes are better in the long term. Living healthier overall is the best call.

From exercising to a natural sleeping position, you can try many things. Even better, many offer immediate benefits as well. They’ll also improve your life quality on multiple fronts.

Physical activity

Moving your hip from side to side strengthens the muscle. Swimming is a great example. Avoid high-impact workouts. These intense workouts can aggravate your hip. Stretching and warming up is vital before these routines.

Natural sleeping positions

As we mentioned, sleeping on your back or side can alleviate pain. The best position is on your back. When sleeping on your back, try placing a pillow under your knees. If you’re sleeping on your side, place it between your legs.

Lifestyle changes

Minor changes can cause major results. For instance, avoid crossing your legs when sitting. It distributes your weight unevenly, wearing one of your hips more. Naturally, keeping your weight healthy is also fantastic.

Direct treatment

Finally, you can treat the discomfort. Anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroid injections can reduce pain. Ice packs and heat pads can reduce inflammation and relax the muscles, respectively. Natural supplements and massages are also useful.

How can a natural sleeping position help your hip pain at night?

Many of our lives’ problems come from sleeping mistakes. However, this study has shown that we tend to overthink our shut-eye. Natural sleeping positions seem to minimize joint complications.

Furthermore, we’re talking about 100% natural. That means no pillows or mattresses. You might even be surprised by their recommendations.

Natural positions

We’ve been side-sleeping for thousands of years. You can support your spine and hips naturally with your arms. However, sleeping on your stomach is also a suggestion from the study. Make sure you read the proper position, though. Stomach sleeping can be risky.

Are pillows overrated?

Pillows are relatively recent. We still slept without them. Furthermore, natural sleeping positions minimize pain from improper sleep. Your arms can provide all the support you need.

The holistic takeaway

Sleep builds our lives. It dictates our vitality and our physical and mental health. Remember that many of us usually spend hours in one position. When done improperly, sleeping can cause strain and wear on your joints.

If your back and joint pain are too bad, always consult with a professional. You can also try natural supplements for your back pain. The main goal is to improve your sleep quality before anything.


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