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The Holistic Approach To Health: Balancing Your Mind, Body, And Soul

May 11, 2021Balance Mind Body and Soul0 comments

Lifestyle changes are always challenging. It’s hard to start working out or eating better. Barely sleeping better is an uphill battle for countless people. However, once you start doing it, things get easier.

Have you noticed that? If you start eating healthy, working out is easier. Fixing your sleeping habits makes you feel motivated throughout the day. That’s not a coincidence.

Our “overall wellbeing” plays a considerable role in our general motivation. That’s where body-mind-soul balance comes into play. That’s what people call holistic health.

But what does all of that mean?

A growing health trend

Multiple health-related businesses have started adopting a new approach. Even years ago, gyms provided equipment and coaching. Of course, you could work out however you want. However, many swore by coaching services.

If you’ve worked with a personal trainer, you know motivation is a priority. They go beyond developing a workout routine. Trainers help you with your eating and sleeping habits. Many check on you outside their schedule.

That’s the best example of a holistic health approach.

How does body and mind transformation work?

You can do more than exercising and eating better. The main goal is to tackle your lifestyle, aiming to understand everything. That entails workout routines, diet, sleeping habits, and even socializing more. This transformation means feeling better most of the time.

Working out body and soul

We already know how to improve our bodies. However, your soul also needs attention. You have countless ways to do so: therapy, alternative medicine, and more. What matters is that you don’t neglect it to favor physical health.

What does holistic health entail?

Holistic medicine aims for “optimal” health. That means feeling well on all fronts: physique, emotions, and more. As WebMD mentions, it’s a multi-channel mindset to improve people’s lives. That includes nutrition, exercise, personal counseling, and psychotherapy.

Additionally, alternative medicine is common. Acupuncture, massages, homeopathy, and chiropractic care are great examples.

The ideal approach is to find help wherever you need:

  • Counseling for personal issues.
  • Psychotherapy for managing your emotions.
  • Western medicine for physical ailments.
  • Alternative medicine for relaxation and other ailments.

Typically, holistic healthcare splits into four categories.

  1. Managing our emotions

The first step is to improve our stress and “relax.” You need to feel at peace with yourself. It’s impossible never to feel “down.” That’s also part of holistic health. Understand and learn how to control your emotions.

  1. Working out frequently

Of course, you also need to exercise. However, working out doesn’t have to be for an incredible body. Physical health improves your overall wellbeing and motivation.

  1. Sleeping better

Sleep is crucial for everything in our lives. It gives us the energy to work out. It helps us consolidate memories and emotions. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on solving any issues related to sleep.

  1. Good nutrition

Finally, eating makes everything easier: from working to resting. It’s the final piece of the holistic health puzzle.

Keeping your balance

Balancing our mind, body, and soul is crucial to managing stressful situations. The current pandemic has tested everyone’s patience. Stabilizing ourselves has become a significant challenge.

Thankfully, Psychology Today has excellent insight on the four tenets of “healing intention.”

  1. Awareness

You must ask yourself how you feel. That includes your body, emotions, and overall feelings. It allows you to connect with what your body tries to tell you.

  1. Intent

After knowing how you feel, you must create an intent. That means fixing the situation or continuing with your life goals. You’ll often create new plans during this phase.

  1. Reflection

Connecting our current situation with previous experiences is therapeutic. It allows us to understand patterns and themes in our lives. Therefore, finding meaning and solutions from your past becomes easier.

  1. Mindfulness

Finally, you need to connect your mind and body. Focusing on “here and now” is the best way to do so. You ought to center on every sensation going through your body and mind. Relaxation exercises, yoga, and tai chi are excellent practices.

The holistic takeaway

As we’ve already mentioned, holistic medicine focuses on optimal health. It’s straightforward to see why it should be a priority. The first step is to understand why you want to do it and how it works.

Well, good news: you just learned that. Holistic wellness means solving all current issues in your life. Don’t be afraid to look for help or not being able to succeed. Starting is always difficult, but it gets incredibly easier afterward.


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