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Hormonal Weight Gain – What You Need to Know

Feb 16, 2023Uncategorized0 comments

Hormonal weight gain is a bigger problem than it should be. That’s because too many people focus on the most common causes. You can find countless articles on diets, lifestyle choices, and habits. But, not many touch on hormones.

That’s a problem because it can seriously hinder your weight loss attempts. Hormones tend to require additional treatment and strategies. Thus, ignoring them can disrupt your efforts. I’ve already covered the main weight loss hormones. I’ve also covered menopause and stress’ weight implications. In those cases, hormones are the real culprits.

So, let’s dive into it.

The causes and signs of hormonal weight gain

Naturally, hormones are a fairly complicated subject. Many things can trigger hormonal weight gain. And, it can also present itself in different ways. Luckily, Endocrinology Consultants has more than enough insight.

As for the causes, it’s typically caused by certain conditions. For instance, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance are common causes. Hormonal imbalances are another common cause. Estrogen, leptin, and cortisol excess are great examples.

Of course, genetics and aging are crucial causes for many of the above. However, a sedentary lifestyle is also a risk factor.

As for signs, weight gain is the most obvious one. But, it’s not specific enough. Hormone-specific signs include fatigue, acne, headaches, and more.

Which hormones can cause weight gain?

As for the specific hormones, there are five crucial considerations. As Verywell Health explains, these are the main hormones:

  • Estrogen usually affects weight gain in both men and women. It can influence our metabolism, energy expenditure, and fat distribution.
  • Insulin is another possible culprit. Excess glucose gets stored as body fat. Thus, insulin resistance and excess insulin increase weight.
  • Leptin is responsible for controlling food intake and appetite. Imbalances can lead to stronger cravings.
  • Cortisol is our stress hormone, but it can also increase appetite. It can trigger a stronger energy need. So, we crave carbs.
  • Finally, Ghrelin promotes hunger. An imbalance makes us hungry more often.

How is hormonal weight gain different?

You might think hormonal weight gain is similar to other weight issues. But, the truth is quite different. In these cases, diet changes and workouts may not be enough. Moreover, a medical diagnosis is usually necessary.

That’s because it’s not just about what you eat. It’s your endocrine system suffering irregularities. That can result in a lower metabolic rate and other effects. As such, proper treatment and medication tend to be a must.

In some cases, coping strategies might come from therapy as well. That’s why a medical diagnosis is so important.

What can you do about your hormone-related weight gain?

As you might expect, it depends on the cause of hormonal weight gain. Luckily, OB/GYN Associates of Alabama has great tips. But, the first step is always the same: find out what’s going on.

From there, your doctor can help you figure out what’s the right strategy. You might need to change your diet. In other cases, supplements might become necessary. Finally, therapy might be the best approach for cortisol-related weight gain.

As you can see, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Instead, you need a diagnosis and work according to that. Still, that doesn’t mean you should give up exercise or healthy diets. Quite the contrary, your goal is complementing them properly.

The holistic takeaway

hormonal weight gain - man measuring his waist

Hormonal weight gain can be a huge obstacle for anyone wishing to lose weight. It can hinder even the most dedicated efforts. That’s because it’s a problem that goes beyond your lifestyle and habits.

Instead, your goal is to find out what’s going on and take the best steps. That means finding medical help.

Luckily, there’s one supplement that can tackle the 5 crucial hormones I mentioned. I’m talking about HB5. Its natural formula helps keep your hormones in check. So, make sure to check it out!


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