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How Should Women Work Out? What You Should Try!

May 9, 2022Exercise - Fitness0 comments

I’ve already covered whether women should train differently. The conclusion was that they could. But, it wasn’t 100% necessary. So, how should women work out?

Women do lose weight differently than men. Does that mean they have unique needs?

That’s what you’ll find out today.

6 vital tips for how women should work out

Firstly, let’s go through some general tips. Luckily, Legion Athletics and Crunch Fitness have amazing guidelines.

I’ll mostly go through common misconceptions here. The first step is to change how you approach fitness.

#1. Don’t fear the weights

Firstly, don’t think that weights will make you bulky. People think that women will “look like men” if they train that way. That’s simply not true. You even need strength training to tone your body.

#2. Understand food and how it works

Don’t start shedding carbs right away. Moreover, don’t over-restrict yourself. You can lose weight while eating your favorite foods. Just make sure you’re keeping a calorie deficit by working out hard.

#3. Cardio is how women should work out for shedding weight

And, the best way to burn that fat is cardio. Make a goal out of jogging or cycling every day. Preferably, do it as part of your warm-up as you head to the gym. About 30 minutes a day should be enough for most.

#4. Working out isn’t an overnight business

Don’t think you’ll see results in your first week or month. Working out means discipline and constant effort. The good news is that it’ll be easier with time. So, you’ll improve with your body.

#5. How should women work out at the gym?

If you go to a gym, remember it’s only for you. Consider asking a professional trainer about what you could do. They’re the best way to find a tailored workout routine. Make sure you try different machines and find what you like.

#6. Don’t overdo it with your workouts

Finally, rest is as important as training. The first days and weeks will be tough. Don’t push yourself too much. The goal is to get used to it and build strength. Always work within your comfort threshold.

How should women work out once the action starts?

So, what can you do as you start working out? Let’s say you’re now at the gym, what now? Well, I’ve compiled several sources from around the internet. Let’s summarize them below.

Pick the best exercises for you

Firstly, find good exercises for women. They’ll likely be a combination of cardio, weights, and calisthenics. Make sure your workouts adapt to your specific goals.

Develop a solid routine you can follow weekly

This 5-day routine is a great start. Essentially, you want to create a routine you can follow each week. Said routine should detail what you’ll do each day. It’ll allow you to spread workouts and keep the variety.

Understand how women should work out differently from men

Women and men aren’t the same when working out. Again, don’t fall for generalized guidelines. Find what works for women. Then, filter what can work for you specifically.

Adapt to your age and physical condition

Finally, working out will be different as you age. This tip ties into not overdoing it during your first days. You shouldn’t risk injuring yourself. Instead, use the strength you build and move to new workouts.

The holistic takeaway

how should women work out woman boxing

So, how should women work out? The truth is quite simple: whatever works for them!

Everyone’s different. You’re not going to train like the man next to you. But, you’re also not going to train like the next woman. Your goal should be to find what works for you.

That’s why I have a great recommendation.

The Cinderella Solution is the best place to start. It’s a complete workout and nutrition program tailored for women.

To learn how it works, check out my review!


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