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How Sugar Makes You Fat: What’s The Process?

Jun 23, 2022Food & Nutrition0 comments

Everyone knows that eating too much sugar is bad. It can cause diabetes and make you gain weight. But, doesn’t weight come from fat? Many people don’t know how sugar makes you fat.

Luckily, it’s quite simple. It’s all about how our body stores energy. And, sugar is a huge energy source.

So, let’s learn!

Can sugar turn into fat? How sugar makes you fat

Sugar consumption is a crucial cause of obesity. It can lead to weight gain and obesity-related diseases. It can also affect your metabolism.

We also get lots of sugar unexpectedly. Soft drinks, desserts, and fruit drinks are huge sugar sources. It can also lead to high cholesterol and inflammation.

How does sugar turn into fat?

Sugar metabolism is the key. Sugar turns into glucose, which we use for energy. Excess glucose turns into glycogen for storage in the liver and muscles.

But, they can’t store all the glycogen. People can consume more sugar than these areas can store. This excess then turns into fat.

Genetics and carbs are how sugar makes you fat

According to Berkeley News, a specific gene could be responsible for sugar conversion. It’s the BAF6oc gene, which contributes to fatty liver.

In mice, this gene could get disabled. In these cases, they didn’t convert carbs into fat. So, it could be a future focus for weight loss drugs.

How does sugar convert to fat?

As mentioned, our body needs to store excess energy somewhere. That’s when glucose turns into glycogen. And, too much sugar makes it necessary to store it in fat cells and droplets.

6 more ways sugar makes you fat according to experts

But, sugar metabolism isn’t the only way how sugar makes you fat. There are multiple side effects that can contribute to weight gain.

Below, you’ll find 6 insidious ways that sugar makes you fat.

It has empty calories

Empty calories refer to calories with little more nutrition. Added sugar usually increases the caloric content in meals without adding anything else. Regularly indulging in these foods leads to considerable weight gain.

It affects blood sugar and hormones

Moreover, high-sugar diets cause several conditions. Elevated blood sugar and insulin and leptin resistance are some of them. All these conditions have ties to excess body fat.

Sugary foods are less filling

High-sugar foods rarely have any protein and fiber. These nutrients are critical to keep you feeling satisfied with your meals.

It displaces healthy meals

Not only that, but it displaces healthier options. So, you’re feeding a vicious cycle. A healthy diet is vital for losing weight.

It may make you overeat

And, you’re giving up more satiating meals. So, you’ll be hungry more often. Also, sugar affects your appetite hormones and reward centers. So, it makes you want to eat more.

Obesity and chronic disease have close links

Finally, sugar makes it more likely to suffer chronic conditions. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are some of them. And, they typically lead to further weight gain.

The holistic takeaway

how sugar makes you fat sugar with fork ans spoon form

So, how does sugar make you fat? Our body needs to store extra energy somewhere. And, fat cells are that place. The more carbs you eat, the more leftovers you have. These leftovers then turn into fat.

That’s why exercising is vital. Yet, it also sheds light on another possible tactic. What if you could disrupt sugar conversion?That’s where Flat Belly Tea comes in. It prevents your body from converting too many sugars into fat. And, it disrupts fat accumulation.

To learn how it works, check out my review.


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